3 Misconceptions About Philippines Outsourcing

The Philippines has become the go-to location for businesses wishing to grow their companies and workforces. Yet, despite the many benefits of employing remote talent here, misconceptions about Philippines outsourcing still remain.

What are the most common misconceptions about outsourcing to the Philippines?

  1. Outsourcing is taking jobs from locals
  2. I won’t get the same quality as those in my country 
  3. It’s all about cheap labor

If you’ve never outsourced before, then these thoughts may have crossed your mind. That’s OK if they have.

In reality the benefits of outsourcing extend far from financial matters and they are certainly not about replacing staff with lower cost workers.

Effective outsourcing is actually about supporting your local staff with additional resources and growing your service capacity to serve your customers. 

Let’s take a closer look.    

Is outsourcing to the Philippines taking jobs from locals?

Outsourcing is not about taking jobs away from local people. When done correctly and ethically, outsourcing is about providing additional remote workers alongside your in-house team to facilitate business growth. 

Employing staff in most developed economies can be expensive, which is why it’s so important to have your highest paid employees focusing on high-value, profit-driving activities.

When your top staff become overloaded with paperwork and administration, you simply aren’t getting value for money. This is where remote teams can be a great solution. 

Outsourcing works best when your in-house team is driving your business forward, with your remote team enhancing everyone’s output and removing the barriers to expansion and growth.

Adding affordable remote staff also prevents burnout and attrition – an issue that Harvard Business School estimates costs the US economy between 125 to 190 billion dollars per year.  

Do outsourced staff produce lower quality work?

When you choose the right remote staff, their work often raises standards across your company.

One of the draws of outsourcing to the Philippines is having access to highly educated, experienced professionals who pride themselves on their commitment to. 

For example, at Cloudstaff, over 85% of our staff have a tertiary degree or higher, even for entry level jobs.

It’s also worth noting that the outsourcing sector in the Philippines is a mature industry. Not only can you find staff with great qualifications but you can also find people with years of experience working in Australia, the US, UK, and other countries. 

A warning, however.

Be careful of budget outsourcing providers because you really do get what you pay for. Bottom of the barrel pricing means corners have been cut, and this includes the staff. 

The price difference between top-level business process outsourcing providers (BPOs) and those at the bottom is small, but the difference in quality can be substantial. When choosing a partner, select an experienced provider with a proven track record of success. 

Is outsourcing all about cheap labor? 

No, it’s not.

While outsourcing can provide cost savings, if you are only considering remote talent to save money, then you are missing out on a wealth of other benefits. 

Employing remote workers opens up a massive global talent pool for you to choose from. In the past, businesses were largely restricted to employing people within their geographical spheres. 

These days, however, with the rapid uptake of cloud-based technology and the rewiring of the workplace, it’s easier to look beyond your borders. 

Again, it’s important to do your homework and check what is included in the price.

If the only thing a provider is offering is cheap labor, then stay well clear. Top providers are committed to supplying the tools, technology and talent that you need to grow. 

Outsource with confidence

At Cloudstaff, we have helped global businesses build effective remote teams for over ten years. 

We understand that every business is different and offer a personalized service to meet your exact requirements. 

For us, effective outsourcing is about four pillars – people, process, technology and culture. 

We only source the highest quality candidates and have built an extensive support network to ensure that the businesses that we partner have the right tools, training, infrastructure and technology to thrive in any market. 

Want to learn more why Philippines outsourcing is for you? Speak with one of our friendly experts today.