A full-fledged father

A full-fledged father

Not all boys grow into men, and not all men become full-fledged fathers. Fatherhood is not an easy job, and Cloudstaff recognises the efforts of its employees as they try to balance work and family life.

A father’s role in the family is broad, given that he has responsibilities of being a father and a husband at home and such role even extends beyond his responsibilities at work. Together with mothers, fathers help in molding their sons to be good men or encourage their daughters to be independent.

Fatherhood is a crucial phase. Aside from providing the family’s finances, a father ensures that he does not neglect his emotional responsibility with his children. They are known to be disciplinarians, yet a father is also the primary protector of the family. Cloudstaff ensures that all of its employees, especially fathers, achieve work-life balance. One of the advocacies of the Number 1 Workplace in the Philippines is to give fathers the ample time to spend with their families and the opportunity to fulfill their duties as husbands.

Cloudstaff has a number of programs for all of its employees to help them balance their roles outside the office. Being a father, a husband, and a staff is not an easy task to juggle all at once, but the company is more than ready to support the pillar of our homes as they tread on the journey of fatherhood and make it more rewarding.

Adam o'connor - A full-fledged father

We checked on our working fathers and asked how they are doing, and here are the experiences they have shared with us:

“Well first of all, I was working in the BPO industry for several years and mostly, those years were on the graveyard shift. It is a life that I could never imagine going back. Entering Cloudstaff made me assess my work-family priorities and how I use my time wisely. School events, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, and New Year, these are the events that I have missed for so long and because of Cloudstaff, I was able to enjoy these events again. As a father, I can never ask for more to what Cloudstaff has provided me and my family. As an employee, it gives you peace of mind knowing that you are part of a company that brings out the best in you, one that you can trust and depend on, gives you “extra surprises” when you least expect it. It’s a family-oriented company that makes you working here feels like home. Love your job and everything follows.”
(Cloudstaffer Mark Cristello Pingul)

“Cloudstaff plays a big role in me being a father because going out from work at 3:30pm, I still have the time to do several activities before going home. I am very happy because there are no more missed school events, recitals, sports activities, and movie dates with my son, Andres, because I get to have the opportunity to adjust my schedule and leave credits. Also, I can enjoy my time with friends, have the time to pay bills, go to government offices, fetch my son from school, go to the gym or even go for a run. I am truly grateful for working here at Cloudstaff.”
(Cloudstaffer Sherwin Lalu)

“Having my work at the morning makes a huge difference already. It allows me to have time to spend with my daughter after work since she goes to school during the day as well. I can help her with her assignments, accompany her just about anywhere she wants to go, or support her on anything she wants to do. Cloudstaff allowed us to invite our families or friends in events or occasions. I’m overjoyed with our team building since it allowed me to bond more with my daughter; I was so happy to watch her laugh and enjoy the day. The compensation and opportunity I’m getting from Cloudstaff is already enough so I can provide a decent living for my daughter and I know it doesn’t stop there.”
(Cloudstaffer Melvin Samson)

“The schedule alone allows for a healthy work-life balance. I used to work in Dubai for years and had experienced time difference but when I got the offer and a taste of a 7am-4pm work schedule here in Cloudstaff, everything improved. I had more time for myself, my family, and enough time to take care of everything at work. As a father, I’m definitely happy to be a Cloudstaffer. I waited almost seven months since I came back from abroad to find the right client and when I did, I’ve never regretted my choice to take on the position. I turned down other job offers in the process for this and it’s been a financial blessing. I don’t get stressed about not being able to provide for my family, especially the needs of my young daughters. My position at Cloudstaff was worth all the wait and sacrifices which fathers often face in order to create a better future for their families.”
(Cloudstaffer Joseph Lacson)

Celebrating Father’s Day means celebrating the efforts that a father exerts as he takes up the responsibility of looking after his family. Happy Father’s Day to everyone who courageously embraced the challenge of fatherhood!

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