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A glimpse in the life of working moms

It is a common notion that working moms are more likely compromise their role of being a “mother” to fulfill their professional duties. The Number 1 Workplace in the Philippines, in celebration of Mother’s Day, has its own special way in honoring the lights of our homes.

So how is it like to be a working mother?

What does it take to be one?

They start their day a little earlier, quickly fix themselves as they get up, make breakfasts and packed lunches, take care of sick family members, attend numerous lengthy meetings, go to a full-time work, rush home to perform other tasks, help their kids with school works, prepare dinner for the whole family, do the laundry, put the kids to bed, motivate and encourage their significant others, and sleep late at night. But when the lights are finally out, most of the time they still perform their motherly duties in the middle of the night.

Needless to say, they still manage to begin the following day early and the same cycle goes on and on.

This Mother’s Day, they deserve every bit of credit for doing an almost impossible job. In fact, Cloudstaff does not only appreciate or recognize the worth of working mothers during this season, but it does every day through its mother-friendly programs.

We asked some working mothers here at Cloudstaff about their experiences, and here is what they have shared with us:

For Cloudstaffer Cristine Ann Ramos, “I may have missed a few milestones like his first step, his first word… I might even miss a few more, but I have no regrets. As a parent, you cannot afford to be selfish and set aside the fact that you need to work for your child’s future. The most difficult part is leaving him in the morning – sometimes crying and begging for me to stay and play. Before, I can only count the hours that we could spend before bedtime and wish that time could just pause. But now, I am truly blessed to work for this company. Day shifts, weekends off, shortest travel time to the office, lots of great perks, and the best part? This company gives a lot of importance to family life which is why it stands out for being the number one workplace in the country. Need I say more?”

“What’s really challenging as a working mom is managing your time. From the moment you wake up until before you go to bed, there’s alway a pile of work around. No days off… It’s always a 24/7 duty. No matter how tired you feel, or how difficult things seem to be, you always need to get out of bed for your child. After my shift, I make it sure to go home straight to spend the rest of the day with my kid. When there’s no one to look after my 7-year old baby boy, I can always take him with me in the office.” (Cloudstaffer Christine Del Mundo)

Another experience shared by Cloudstaffer Rechel Muñoz, “Being a working mom has its ups and downs especially working in a BPO industry. Challenges include not being able to see my kids during the day as I was asleep, not being able to help them with their school assignments, as well as not being able to attend to school programs and PTA meetings. It was also a challenge for them to understand why I had to work at night. But I’m very fortunate to have a supportive husband who helped me with our kids to understand why we both had to work. The perks of being a working mom is that it taught my kids to look after one another, be independent, and they have learned to help with household chores. Another is that we have lived comfortably as a family where my husband and I are able to provide for our financial needs and at the same time, be able to achieve a career satisfaction for myself. With all these fulfillments, I have been more blessed when I became a Cloudstaffer. I have been able to have a balanced life where I work, spend more time with family, and be a servant leader in our church. I actually have become more active. I’m a member of CS Smashers where I get to bond and play badminton with my co-Cloudstaffers and I have recently joined the CS Pet Club where I’ve met pet lovers like me and learn more on how to be a responsible pet owner. Just realizing all these now, being a working mom is really awesome! And I will always be grateful for the blessings and opportunities I have.”

“They say being a working mom is such a difficult task. Indeed it is. It pains you so much to leave home instead of giving them your whole time. Thanks to Cloudstaff, the schedule is perfect for me to still attend to the needs of my kids before they go to school every morning and come home early in the afternoon to play and study together.” (Cloudstaffer Hiedi Taguibao)

In addition, the concept of “having no time” does not seem to apply to mothers, and being one means that you always “make time” for your family. Nonetheless, seeing their kids grow up to be awesome and amazing feels truly rewarding for our Cloudstaffer mommies.

And as our working moms continue to do their maternal responsibilities, Cloudstaff guarantees to keep on creating programs and improving existing ones to benefit all staff, especially our dear mothers on board.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mighty moms out there from all of us here at Cloudstaff! Stay hustling!

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