A partnership for innovation

Cloudstaff has joined forces with Australia’s first Real Estate technology fund, PieLAB, following the completion of a Series A AU$3.5 million capital raising round.

PieLAB was founded to help shape the future of the Real Estate industry by partnering with rising entrepreneurs. They are far more than just investors as they also assist business with their growth strategies to create a lasting impact.

Both Cloudstaff and PieLAB are entrepreneurs sharing the same vision to boost the growth of the Real Estate industry. Next-generation outsourcing is about assisting businesses everywhere to help them grow and be more competitive in the market.

PieLAB believes in Cloudstaff’s potential and in its ability to give excellent service and support to Australian industries.

Chris Rolls, the Managing Director of PieLAB acknowledged Cloudstaff’s competence to aid Australian entrepreneurs in scaling their businesses. He further said, “Their unique combination of genuine care for their staff and clients while scaling their business through clever technology tools gives us great confidence that Cloudstaff is on a trajectory to become an outstanding brand in the offshoring space.”

More investments such as artificial intelligence in the field are anticipated due to the additional capital from our newest partner. New growth initiatives are envisioned to ensure Cloudstaff remains as Australia’s trusted outsourcing brand.

Cloudstaff CEO, Lloyd Ernst, believes that the funding can be used for the development of AI that can bring onshore and offshore teams closer together.

He further added, “We do not believe in moving Australian jobs offshore. We believe in moving the tasks that often hold your onshore Australian staff back from doing what they are meant to be doing, and that’s focussing on the profit-making activities that will grow your business.

We are very pleased to welcome PieLAB Venture Partners to the table.”

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