Cloudstaff is committed to building the Number One Workplace in the Philippines.

“The Number One Workplace” is not an award. It’s a way of thinking, a way of working, our commitment to continual improvement. It’s a promise to our staff and a guarantee for our customers.

It’s understanding the culture, it’s understanding what it takes to maintain a productive and happy workplace, it’s understanding the needs of our staff and customers. It is a never-ending cycle of improvement that guarantees better conditions, better services, and better experiences.

Having amazing staff and giving them the tools to maximize their productivity is what drives our high customer success rates. “The Number One Workplace” is an essential part of our delivery platform. It is an ongoing program that ensures we are doing the best we can and will never stop trying to make it better.

Cloudstaff is a fun, family-friendly place to work. Our workplaces are designed with both productivity and relaxation in mind. We provide break-out rooms with video games, pool tables, ping-pong and more. We want our staff to feel right at home – after all, they are family!


We are focused on creating workspaces that our team enjoys. Our workspaces are modern, beautifully designed and fully equipped.


We take fun very seriously! All Cloudstaff workplaces have purpose-built recreational and relaxation zones where staff can unwind.


Our staff works hard and we like to reward them for their efforts.

We do it for staff, we do it for customers

We demonstrate our commitment and dedication to our customers in everything we do, and it all starts with how we treat our staff. We believe this philosophy delivers better outcomes and we think it is unmatched in the industry.