Are you on social media? Quit ghosting around and start building your online presence

Are you on social media? Quit ghosting around and start building your online presence

Browsing your social media accounts is not just a recreational activity. Social media is now an integral part of many businesses. If you’re not online, how else will you reach your audience who are surfing the internet every single day?

Businesses should be where the customers are. Not a day goes by without people scrolling through their social media accounts so it just makes sense for you to build your presence in the online world.

Your social media platforms can strengthen your company’s online influence and can substantially broaden your scope of business around the world.

The social media advantage

  • Increased brand awareness

Do you want to improve your brand recognition? Coming up with an excellent social media strategy will allow you to engage a wide range of consumers. It’s a method you can use for digital marketing to boost your company’s visibility. When you get people to interact with your business, you have a much better chance of turning them into potential customers.

  • Better and faster customer service

Social media has become a very convenient way for customers to ask questions or give feedback about a certain product or service. Through messaging, forming a direct connection with people became much easier. But when potential customers and clients message you, It’s important that you provide quick responses and personalised messages. Make your customers think that they can rely on the services you offer. That will lead to an increase in customer satisfaction.

  • Reach the right audience

In traditional marketing, you can simply hand out flyers or put up some posters to reach a random audience. But using social media, you can target your audience better. It allows your business to reach the right people by customising your advertisements. Do you want to target customers who are interested in Real Estate? Do you want to collaborate with other professionals for your creative business? You’re just a post away from growing your business.

  • Real-time measurement of success

Measuring the success of a campaign used to take a lot of time and effort. With social media, you can get direct and detailed analytics that you can track real-time. You’ll be able to see whether your project is working well or not. If you want to increase sales, customer engagement or website traffic, social media makes it more measurable than ever before.

  • More opportunities for conversion

When your business’ visibility increases, you’ll gain higher conversion rates. Customers can land on your company’s website through blog posts, videos or comments. Sharing content and posting on your social media business accounts can help make a better impression of your brand. Customers will trust your company and will think of your product or services when they need it.

Grow your online presence with Cloudstaff

Social media platforms have really changed the business world. Still, it won’t be able to replace traditional marketing. Flyers, posters and billboards are effective in their own way. Yet, supporting your marketing strategies with the power of social media will give you a competitive edge.

Here at Cloudstaff, we give you the right tools to help grow your business. Our company creates new and innovative technologies that enable you to reach more customers around the world.

The ability to extend your company’s services is the key to success in today’s fluid business landscape. We can help you build a team of highly-skilled social media marking professionals who can provide a valuable service for your customers.

Need help in managing your corporate social media accounts? We have specialists who can build up your online presence. Just send us an email at to know more.

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