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Introducing Cloudstaff Tap

Cloudstaff believes in using technology to make the most of every day. We continually evolve our systems and deploy the technologies that help us work smarter - and if it doesn't exist, we create it! Cloudstaff Tap is an incredible little app we created to keep our entire Cloudstaff family connected. It provides access to [...]

Introducing Cloudstaff Tap2018-09-12T16:03:39+08:00

NERF Guns & More Fun

During breaks, your Cloudstaffers can blow off some steam with our arsenal of NERF guns. It may sound crazy, but office NERF battles can really get your heart racing and they provide a great distraction during break time. So the next time you are at the office and see Cloudstaffers brandishing these blue and orange [...]

NERF Guns & More Fun2018-09-12T16:03:40+08:00

Mt. Arayat Clean-up drive – Dayhike South Peak Trail

24 September 2016 - Newly formed and rearing to go, that’s what we 10 Cloudstaffers felt as we envisioned our way up Mount Arayat. It was a day-long hike, and we are doing it for many reasons - for the view, for the fresh air, and for the sake of keeping Mount Arayat clean. The [...]

Mt. Arayat Clean-up drive – Dayhike South Peak Trail2018-09-12T16:03:40+08:00

SAITE 2016 – Technology: Riding the Wave of Change

16 September 2016, Lou-is Convention Center, Balanga City, Bataan – The Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators (PSITE), had their annual student assembly on I.T. Aptly named the “Student Assembly on Information Technology Education” (SAITE), the event was host to over 3000 students in the span of two days. The event’s theme? “Technology: Riding the [...]

SAITE 2016 – Technology: Riding the Wave of Change2018-09-12T16:03:40+08:00

Cloud Revolution: Amazon Web Services Training

14 September 2016, Park Inn Hotel – Cloudstaff invites Bryan Wong and Julian Lau of Amazon Web Services to share their expertise in cloud-based solutions to some of our Cloudstaffers. With today’s business landscape, a heavier emphasis is placed on cloud-based solutions. In fact it is no longer just an advantage to be skilled in [...]

Cloud Revolution: Amazon Web Services Training2018-09-12T16:03:41+08:00

Guild Link’s own Captain Agile, Paul Neilson preaches to Cloudstaffers!

30 August 2016 – Cloudstaff’s Velvet Lounge. Senior IT Professional, Software Development Leader, and Agile Evangelist; Paul Nielson met with Cloudstaffers for an intimate presentation about Agile software development, its best practices, and Paul’s very own experiences with Agile. The great thing about this? It was all done over beer, pizza, and chips; plus an [...]

Guild Link’s own Captain Agile, Paul Neilson preaches to Cloudstaffers!2018-09-12T16:03:41+08:00

CS Cares Blood Donation Drive

You don’t need superpowers to be a hero. Sometimes, all you need is a needle to become one. A day after the Philippines celebrated National Heroes Day, CS Cares – Cloudstaff’s CSR arm, in partnership with the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) successfully conducted its “Gift Of Life” blood donation drive program. Held at Cloudstaff Building [...]

CS Cares Blood Donation Drive2018-09-12T16:03:41+08:00

University of the Assumption Partners with Cloudstaff

Leading Australian outsourcing firm, Cloudstaff, announced its partnership with the University of the Assumption on 25 August 2016. As part of Cloudstaff’s advocacy to uplift the many different communities around the Philippines, Cloudstaff reached out to the University of the Assumption (U.A.) to establish a partnership to mutual benefit. This partnership will do more than [...]

University of the Assumption Partners with Cloudstaff2018-09-12T16:03:42+08:00

Cloudstaff’s first Filipino employee celebrates her 7th year!

Every time we get into a new career, we always have that bundle of energy to do great and that desire to impress. This new found energy redoubles our efforts, our passion, and our enthusiasm, allowing us to do our job excellently. As the days turn to weeks, the weeks turn to months, and the [...]

Cloudstaff’s first Filipino employee celebrates her 7th year!2018-09-12T16:03:42+08:00

Boho Getaway 2016

The beach is known as many different things to many different people. For children, sand castles and collecting seashells. For teens, epic road trips and dates, yo! For adults, it might mean a break from work or an intimate honeymoon experience. Whatever your reason for loving the beach is, it is well founded… Oh! and [...]

Boho Getaway 20162018-09-12T16:03:42+08:00
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