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Busting the myths about millennial accountants

There are many sweeping generalisations being made about the millennial generation. Some people describe them as entitled, lazy and selfish individuals who always want to save the world. But is it true? Before we start to judge, it’s important to take some time to understand the impact that every generation has on our work environment [...]

Busting the myths about millennial accountants2019-06-14T14:38:01+08:00

Is cart abandonment a common occurrence in your online store?

It happens in supermarkets, malls, and stalls, so it’s not surprising that cart abandonment frequently happens in online stores as well. Here are some tips to keep your customers from walking away without completing their purchase. Give customers an actual shopping experience Never forget that people want to enjoy their shopping experience. Many people love [...]

Is cart abandonment a common occurrence in your online store?2019-06-12T13:27:49+08:00

Direct the course of your business through Accounting and Finance

No business exists without a finance department. It serves as the pillar of business success. An error could cost you a fortune, which is why it’s necessary to ensure that someone is handling it very carefully. When you’re a business owner, you probably already have a lot on your plate. You won’t always be able [...]

Direct the course of your business through Accounting and Finance2019-06-10T12:04:52+08:00

Getting back to business when disaster strikes

Quite recently, the Philippines was hit by a 6.1 magnitude earthquake. The Cloudstaff team was able to provide continuity of service to its clients because it diligently followed its disaster recovery plan. The earthquake certainly managed to have an effect on us. Like any business, Cloudstaff has no immunity from natural disasters. Walls were damaged, [...]

Getting back to business when disaster strikes2019-06-05T14:01:16+08:00

Videos have changed the business landscape

In a world where we are connected on social media more than ever before, video has become the go-to medium for sharing business information. It's fast, engaging, and easy-to-consume manner make it the perfect channel to connect with your target audience. Most companies now recognise that video needs to be an integral part of their [...]

Videos have changed the business landscape2019-06-05T14:02:54+08:00

Outsourced accountants for all seasons

Google searches for “accountants” reach their peak during tax season as that’s usually the time business owners eventually realise they need one. While it’s true that they can greatly assist in preparing your business tax report, you can also get the most from an accountant if you have them all year round. Tax season is [...]

Outsourced accountants for all seasons2019-06-05T14:03:31+08:00

The Secret to Real Estate Success: Focus on what you do best

Successful real estate professionals are driven to deliver exceptional results to customers. To do this, they need to focus on their strengths and be able to maximise their time. Year after year, market competition continues to increase, as do the expectations and demands of customers. As customers become increasingly informed, they are constantly looking for [...]

The Secret to Real Estate Success: Focus on what you do best2019-05-27T08:04:39+08:00

Outsourced Accountants: Your business’ edge

Wondering how your business can prosper and become more profitable? Your accountant knows! Businesses strive to achieve their primary objective—to make profits. CEOs work hard day in and day out to make sure that their goals are realised. But how can you determine that you are really accomplishing your business goals? More than the office [...]

Outsourced Accountants: Your business’ edge2019-05-21T13:38:23+08:00

Today is the right time to outsource

Business owners are often confused about outsourcing. Is it something you do when your business is struggling, or is it better to venture into it when you are seeking to expand and grow your business? Outsourcing can be a daunting prospect. There is usually some trepidation involved. Business owners may not instantly make the outsourcing [...]

Today is the right time to outsource2019-05-17T15:47:55+08:00

An outsourced Accounting team you can trust

Questions and hesitations usually turn up when it comes to outsourcing. Will it be okay to hand over your books to someone outside of your office? How will things work out? But no matter where your staff are, you certainly would want to build and maintain a good relationship with them. One of the good [...]

An outsourced Accounting team you can trust2019-05-10T08:19:13+08:00

How time zones are useful in outsourcing

A business’s most important resource is not money; it is not the sole influencer of business profitability. Time is a more valuable element both in business and in our personal lives. It’s something we can never get back once gone, so we need to use it properly. Businesses usually consider outsourcing for cost savings and [...]

How time zones are useful in outsourcing2019-05-07T15:15:10+08:00

Are Accounting and Bookkeeping works the same?

Every business deals with financial data. It’s how business owners gain insights as to whether their company is doing well or not in the global market. Hence, accountants and bookkeepers are engaged to organise and analyse the numbers. But do accountants and bookkeepers work on the same things? Accountants and bookkeepers both handle the financial [...]

Are Accounting and Bookkeeping works the same?2019-05-02T15:29:40+08:00
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