Real-time weather Monitoring

Last week, the Philippine government raised a public storm signal in Clark and other neighbouring areas. However, before the government even declared the warning, we had already alerted your Cloudstaffers and made necessary disaster preparations in our offices. And this is all because of our in-house weather monitoring station. Disaster preparedness is very important. It …

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LiveDrive Milestone Reached!

Because of the great performance of our highly skilled and experienced Cloudstaffers, we are getting recommendations from the bosses of our client companies to their business partners. In fact, just recently, one of our SQA teams started to expand and grow. Under the LiveDrive account, the team of 3 SQA staff welcomed additional workforce and became …

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Data-driven headache?

If you need a hand with processing data we can help. Processing business-critical information is very important to the success of any company, but due to our busy work schedules, we often lack the time or resources to get these important tasks done. This is where we can help. Cloudstaff’s Data Processing Services provides highly-skilled, cost-effective staff to enter, …

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cloudstaff invades devcup!

DevCup 2015: Geeks of the Philippines Unite! – Cloudstaff

Recently some of our developers and technical staff (and their support crew) packed their bags and headed down to Manila to participate in the DevCup, an annual gathering of amazing developers, designers and technology enthusiasts, which aims to spotlight the local developer talent. It was an amazing opportunity for our team to showcase their skills, …

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Hospital Viscloudstaff_cares_cloudstaff_modern_outsourcing_solutions

Doing our bit for the community – Cloudstaff Cares

Hospitals here in the Philippines do not always get the funding they need. As a result they have to find ways to reduce costs and raise the money they desperately need to save lives. We recently visited a local hospital that needed a little help. While the remarkable staff did everything they can to help (including donating …

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East Timor

This is Gaudencio from East Timor (guy on right). The East Timorese government sponsored 93 students to come to the Philippines to study. Once they finished their degree they are bound to return home and work for two years for their government. As part of their curriculum, these students need to finish 400 hours on-job-training …

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