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I Just Planned a Staff Christmas Party For 9000 People – Here’s What I Learnt

Cloudstaff has always had a tradition of memorable end of year celebrations. Last year we had about 4000 people attend our Carnival 2018 end of year party in an outside setting at Astro Park - the largest and most visible party in the city. At these events, we like to involve the family so every [...]

I Just Planned a Staff Christmas Party For 9000 People – Here’s What I Learnt2019-12-20T13:59:05+08:00

Cloudstaff Splash 2: Bigger, Better & Wetter!

The summer sun was shining bright as Cloudstaff once again conquered the biggest waterpark in the Philippines — Aqua Planet — for another unforgettable mid-year team building. When it comes to Cloudstaff events, only the biggest and best will do, so come mid-year party time, Cloudstaff once again exclusively hired out the biggest and best [...]

Cloudstaff Splash 2: Bigger, Better & Wetter!2019-08-07T09:50:05+08:00

Stepping up the growth ladder through training program

Where do great employees come from? Are they born with innate abilities or are they made through guidance and staff training program? As managers or business owners, of course, you want to hire staff who do not only have the required skills and knowledge but must also be able to do the job correctly. But [...]

Stepping up the growth ladder through training program2019-08-07T10:28:27+08:00

Cloudstaffers got lovestruck

From being the Number One Workplace in the Philippines, Cloudstaff instantly turned into the Most Loving Workplace during our CS Lovestruck Valentine’s Day celebration. Every year, Cloudstaff makes the 14th of February an extraordinary day for everyone—regardless of their relationship status. After all, it’s not just for couples and definitely not an occasion that singles [...]

Cloudstaffers got lovestruck2019-08-07T10:31:46+08:00

Just in time for Christmas

Rex Quiambao, an Accounting Officer in a construction company based in Sydney, has finally driven home the 2019 Honda Jazz 1.5 V CVT after winning at Cloudstaff’s grandest year-end party. Just in time for Christmas! The recent CS Carnival has been truly much more than just a party. Cloudstaffers and guests had an incredible time [...]

Just in time for Christmas2019-08-07T10:32:47+08:00

A Cloudstaff experience: Much more than just a party

Cloudstaff parties are a way to reward our hard-working staff for an incredible year. It is a chance to get together, relax, enjoy world-class entertainment If you have ever attended one of our events (or hosted a party of your own with over 4,000 guests) you will understand how hard it can be. Entertainment, prizes, [...]

A Cloudstaff experience: Much more than just a party2019-08-07T10:32:54+08:00

Why industry events are important to Cloudstaff

Two of the biggest industry conferences in the Philippines were held recently, and Cloudstaff was there to meet the top accountants and developers in the country. Cloudstaff targets the top 5% of talent, so gatherings like PICPA and DEVCON are great places to meet future Cloudstaffers. We invest a lot of time recruiting the very [...]

Why industry events are important to Cloudstaff2019-08-07T10:35:11+08:00

It’s one good of a Friday!

Looking forward to Fridays is a usual idea, but recently the whole Cloudstaff family became more excited as another barbecue party was announced a few weeks back. Cloudstaffers once again gathered at the Penthouse in eNtec 2 for the July barbecue party. It has been an awesome opportunity for everyone at Cloudstaff to peek into [...]

It’s one good of a Friday!2019-08-07T10:38:56+08:00

Team Building 2018 – Cloudstaff Splash

Cloudstaff hosts amazing events for our staff, and this years' mid-year team building was no exception. Cloudstaff Splash took place at the newest and liveliest waterpark in the Philippines, Aqua Planet. The first day was exclusively for Cloudstaffers and clients, bringing the entire company together in one place so they could get to know each [...]

Team Building 2018 – Cloudstaff Splash2019-08-07T10:42:27+08:00

Saving the planet, little by little

Our Earth used to be divine. It “used to be” — that’s the sad truth. Clear water, fresh air, and healthy soil that were once abundant have long been scarce. The planet is currently in damaged state and the culprits are us, humans. There’s no way to turn back time; we can’t reverse our mistakes [...]

Saving the planet, little by little2019-08-07T11:01:20+08:00

Convention of leaders

The first leadership forum of Ateneo Graduate School of Business entitled “Leadership: Aligning, Bridging and Empowering Organizations” has successfully transpired at SM Clark Cinema. Ateneo Graduate School of Business Student and Alumni Organization in Clark together with the Leadership Class of this academic year, which Cloudstaff’s Country Manager Joy Cuison is a part of, organized [...]

Convention of leaders2019-08-07T11:08:14+08:00
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