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An outsourced Accounting team you can trust

Questions and hesitations usually turn up when it comes to outsourcing. Will it be okay to hand over your books to someone outside of your office? How will things work out? But no matter where your staff are, you certainly would want to build and maintain a good relationship with them. One of the good [...]

An outsourced Accounting team you can trust2019-05-10T08:19:13+08:00

Why a back office assistant should be your first hire

In business, there are unsung superheroes that don’t wear the usual capes and costumes, but they are indeed dependable and trustworthy. We recently interviewed some clients who decided to engage their back office needs to Cloudstaff and here’s what they’ve told us: Having a back office assistant is economical for your business Jean-Nicot Nemorin, General [...]

Why a back office assistant should be your first hire2019-04-18T11:49:37+08:00

Aspiring leaders to great leaders

“Learning about leadership does not begin and end in classrooms; classroom training is only a part of the many aspects of leadership and is just one of the many ways that Cloudstaff helps its employees to demonstrate leadership skills in the workplace.” —Lloyd Ernst, Cloudstaff CEO The fourth batch of aspiring leaders has completed their [...]

Aspiring leaders to great leaders2018-08-08T11:06:23+08:00

Building your business with outsourcing

There are a lot of business essentials that need to be considered as you venture in being an entrepreneur; infrastructure, logistics, capital, and so on. Outsourcing has become the go-to for many start-up organisations wanting to gain an edge over their competitors. But what does outsourcing really bring to small, medium, and large enterprises? Entrepreneurs [...]

Building your business with outsourcing2018-07-20T07:03:28+08:00

Removing the barriers, promoting workplace equality

Cloudstaff is an equal opportunity employer. We don’t discriminate based on age, race, marital status, relationship preference, gender, or people who are differently abled. We care about one thing: finding the best person for the role. All Cloudstaffers are treated equally, regardless of the role they perform. They all enjoy the same friendly environment, the [...]

Removing the barriers, promoting workplace equality2018-09-12T16:03:22+08:00

Distance doesn’t matter

Making remote teams work despite the distance can be a really challenging but fulfilling experience. The trend nowadays is towards workplace flexibility and an organisation must adapt to the changing needs of the present market. Businesses are expected to think of their own strategies for them to be able to acquire the best talent. Back [...]

Distance doesn’t matter2018-04-09T17:51:28+08:00

Reasons to outsource your marketing

It seems that every year the market gets more and more competitive. This has forced  companies to develop new strategies to boost their business and revenue potential, acquire new customers and maintain loyal relationships. For marketing to be successful, it needs to deliver high visibility, brand recognition, communicate a value to the customer and create an approachable [...]

Reasons to outsource your marketing2018-09-12T16:03:30+08:00

Second batch of aspiring leaders

Cloudstaff always believe that investing in training is essential, thus, we have created a dedicated Training Department to fulfill the development and advancement needs of our Cloudstaffers. One of the training programs that Cloudstaff takes pride in is the Aspiring Leaders Training Program which is designed to guide the staff on their journey in becoming [...]

Second batch of aspiring leaders2018-09-12T16:03:31+08:00

99 & Feeling Fine!

In the BPO industry, staff retention is often an issue. Typical retention rates range between 50-80% depending on the tasks performed. As an employer, these numbers are far from desirable. As you are aware, it means more recruiting, more training, more costs and less productivity! Cloudstaff are very proud to announce that we have been [...]

99 & Feeling Fine!2018-09-12T16:03:39+08:00

What are the perks of working at Cloudstaff?

It is part of Cloudstaff's culture to reward its hard working staff. Perks that employees enjoy are free snacks, meals, shake, beer, coffee, chocolate drinks, karaoke rooms, gadgets and toys, massages, monthly parties and team building events. Cloudstaff makes sure that employees are well taken care of. Cloudstaff perks are really important part of our [...]

What are the perks of working at Cloudstaff?2018-09-12T16:03:43+08:00

Is Cloudstaff A Seat Leaser?

Cloudstaff is more than just a seat leaser. It's the perfect outsourcing partner in growing your business. Cloudstaff is not into seat leasing, although we have a similar pricing model. Seat leasing is really about here’s a seat, there’s a PC, here’s some infrastructure and they might help you with the recruitment of the role [...]

Is Cloudstaff A Seat Leaser?2018-09-12T16:03:43+08:00
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