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It’s one good of a Friday!

Looking forward to Fridays is a usual idea, but recently the whole Cloudstaff family became more excited as another barbecue party was announced a few weeks back. Cloudstaffers once again gathered at the Penthouse in eNtec 2 for the July barbecue party. It has been an awesome opportunity for everyone at Cloudstaff to peek into [...]

It’s one good of a Friday!2018-09-12T16:03:17+08:00

Cloudstaff extends happiness beyond

As the Number One Workplace in the Philippines, it has been part of Cloudstaff’s culture to give perks and organise events that can bring joy to its staff and clients. But aside from this, we also make efforts to give joy beyond the four corners of the office. Cloudstaff was one of the exhibitors in [...]

Cloudstaff extends happiness beyond2018-09-12T16:03:19+08:00

The strength of the Tamaraws

A total of eleven teams fought in a survival battle and only one prevailed against the rest. The Digital Central Black Tamaraws proved that their strength and perseverance can withstand anything. This year’s Ernst Cup season concluded with loud cheers and hurrahs from the crowd as the top 3 teams have been awarded. Our CTO [...]

The strength of the Tamaraws2018-07-04T08:58:01+08:00

Team Building 2018 – Cloudstaff Splash

Cloudstaff hosts amazing events for our staff, and this years' mid-year team building was no exception. Cloudstaff Splash took place at the newest and liveliest waterpark in the Philippines, Aqua Planet. The first day was exclusively for Cloudstaffers and clients, bringing the entire company together in one place so they could get to know each [...]

Team Building 2018 – Cloudstaff Splash2019-07-19T15:44:51+08:00

Stars have never been so close

Stars seem to be beyond reach, but you can have fairy lights and glow sticks in your hands and that works pretty much the same especially when taking photos. Our Cloudstaff Shutterbugs, a group who is very passionate about photography, organizes monthly events where they can learn and explore more about photography. Recently, they had [...]

Stars have never been so close2018-05-08T14:02:17+08:00

Up, up in the Clouds!

A freshly talked-about hiking spot caught the attention of Cloudstaffers and decided to see for themselves the stunning beauty of the mountain. Hikers reveal that it is an alternative to the coveted Mt. Pulag. Cloudstaff travel group, CS Outdoors club, through their POC Jaime had organized an exciting adventure in Benguet. A newly opened hiking [...]

Up, up in the Clouds!2018-09-12T16:03:21+08:00

Paws up!

Cloudstaff is not only awesome for people like our Cloudstaffers; now we also welcome their adorable pets to the family through a club specially formed for those who are fond of furbabies. The joy that our dogs make us feel when they greet us with a wagging tail as we come home, the warmth that [...]

Paws up!2018-04-15T14:04:22+08:00

Hidden beauty of the Purgatory

What’s in Mt. Purgatory that attracts hikers? Maybe they want to unfold the mystery behind its name, to prove that they can overcome its challenging trail, or maybe they want to witness the captivating beauty of the world from its pinnacle. A high elevation of more than 2,000 meters above sea level, surrounded by intensely [...]

Hidden beauty of the Purgatory2018-09-12T16:03:24+08:00

Life in a lens

Traveling changes your life, and so do pictures. The inspiration you get from one image to another can have a significant impact on your overall perspective and this exact thing recently happened to our Cloudstaff Shutterbugs. The group had its first outdoor activity, which they called a photowalk, around the mesmerizing city of Angeles. They [...]

Life in a lens2018-09-12T16:03:25+08:00

The Spikers are all set to ace the court

We are overwhelmed with the Cloudstaff clubs and special interest groups emerging here and there. Our Cloudstaffers have various interests; some are into technology, some are passionate about getting fit and there are some who are avid volleyball players. Volleyball-enthusiastic Cloudstaffers have asserted their love for the sport and united as the “CS Spikers”. Marvin, [...]

The Spikers are all set to ace the court2018-09-12T16:03:25+08:00

A Valentine’s surprise that made everyone fall in love

Whether they are amazingly single, happily in a relationship, or patiently waiting for their one true love, the Number One Workplace in the Philippines made sure that every Cloudstaffer felt extraordinarily special on Valentine’s Day. The Valentine’s celebration kicked off with brekky at all Cloudstaff sites. A short but special video full of awesome announcements [...]

A Valentine’s surprise that made everyone fall in love2018-03-02T10:13:45+08:00

Second Dota tournament at Cloudstaff

When work has almost consumed the energy of our Cloudstaffers, that’s when we come in and bring fun to let them respawn and recover from stress and exhaustion. Our CRK04 at SM City Clark turned into an instant battleground as our mighty heroes eagerly defended their Ancients at the second Dota tournament of Cloudstaff. It [...]

Second Dota tournament at Cloudstaff2017-11-13T13:41:44+08:00
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