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How to approach the millennial generation through customer service

As the years tick by, Millennials are now increasingly the world’s largest consumer group, but if you want their loyalty, you need to do things their way with customer service. So before you start marketing your business, you need to understand their generation.  We all want good customer service, but what Millenials are looking for [...]

How to approach the millennial generation through customer service2019-10-15T10:57:29+08:00

The best business strategy to boost your brand image

Creating branded materials and giving careful consideration to how your company presents itself is great for business. But for many business owners, professional level marketing and content creation is not their core strength.  There’s no doubt that as a business owner, you’re capable of getting things done. You've already proven that by building your own [...]

The best business strategy to boost your brand image2019-09-10T14:56:36+08:00

Keeping your business ideas safe when outsourcing

When others steal your business ideas, it means they are good ones, but keeping your intellectual property safe and secure should always remain a priority for your business - especially when outsourcing. Your intellectual property, trade secrets, and company processes are the lifeblood of your business. You’ve worked hard to develop them so when adding [...]

Keeping your business ideas safe when outsourcing2019-09-11T15:59:19+08:00

Customer service is more than just transactions, it’s about human experience

Let’s face it, it’s not easy to deliver seamless customer service. You don’t even know who you're going to deal with from day to day. But ultimately, customer service all comes down to what kind of experience you give to people. No matter how amazing your customer service agents are, you can't predict the mood [...]

Customer service is more than just transactions, it’s about human experience2019-10-15T08:23:42+08:00

Want a long-term relationship? Find the right outsourcing partner

Seeking a long-term relationship doesn’t only apply when looking for a life partner. People also seek long-term relationship business, and both have one thing in common—ending up with the wrong partner will set you up for a world of distress. Outsourcing helps companies focus on developing growth strategies and increasing profitability. However, it is extremely [...]

Want a long-term relationship? Find the right outsourcing partner2019-08-29T08:48:06+08:00

Keep your offshore processes in tune

If you are running a one-man business, it’s likely that process documentation is not much of a consideration for you as you know every process by heart. However, as your company grows, keeping a record of how to get things done becomes essential, especially when outsourcing is involved.   The following short story really highlights why [...]

Keep your offshore processes in tune2019-08-07T12:57:57+08:00

Why outsource to the Philippines?

As an outsourcing company with most of our staff in the Philippines, we often get asked the same question: “Why outsource to the Philippines?” In our 15 years of experience, the Philippines is uniquely well-suited to hiring offshore workers for English-speaking companies. This article will cover the top benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines: High [...]

Why outsource to the Philippines?2019-08-07T09:50:51+08:00

Using modern technology to outsource more complex business processes

In the past, outsourcing was only in the reach of larger enterprises and it was often restricted to process-driven call centre work. Modern technology has removed the restrictions of using outsourced teams to perform much more complex tasks—outsourcing is being enabled by the cloud infrastructure. From the Australian SME’s perspective, it is also the shift [...]

Using modern technology to outsource more complex business processes2019-08-07T10:30:22+08:00

Bringing shores together

Keep your in-house staff close and your offshore team closer—a powerful motto that can increase the chances of doing outsourcing successfully. Entrepreneurs who want to lower their labour costs or gain access to a more talented workforce often decide to move tasks offshore. But no matter what their reason is, one way to get the [...]

Bringing shores together2019-08-07T10:37:32+08:00

Building your business with outsourcing

Outsourcing has become the go-to for many start-up organisations wanting to gain an edge over their competitors. But what does outsourcing really bring to small, medium, and large enterprises? There are a lot of business essentials that need to be considered as you venture in being an entrepreneur; infrastructure, logistics, capital, and so on. Entrepreneurs [...]

Building your business with outsourcing2019-08-07T10:42:52+08:00

Private Equity outsourcing trend is in full swing

Private equity firms are creating significant additional portfolio value by partnering with next-generation outsourcing companies that provide strategic guidance on a variety of operational improvements and transformational changes. Next-generation outsourcing companies like Cloudstaff are able to bring extensive in-depth experience to the table. They are helping management teams to improve growth by giving them the [...]

Private Equity outsourcing trend is in full swing2019-08-07T11:13:18+08:00

Fearless outsourcing

Regardless of the numerous benefits of outsourcing, some businesses are still fearful of taking the risk. Outsourcing does come with several risks, but Cloudstaff has distinct qualities that can dissolve such fears away. There are things that hold back people from outsourcing — usually, these are their worries about the dangers that might come their [...]

Fearless outsourcing2019-08-07T11:23:13+08:00
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