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Keep your offshore processes in tune

If you are running a one-man business, it’s likely that process documentation is not much of a consideration for you as you know every process by heart. However, as your company grows, keeping a record of how to get things done becomes essential, especially when outsourcing is involved.   The following short story really highlights why [...]

Keep your offshore processes in tune2019-08-07T12:57:57+08:00

Why outsource to the Philippines?

As an outsourcing company with most of our staff in the Philippines, we often get asked the same question: “Why outsource to the Philippines?” In our 15 years of experience, the Philippines is uniquely well-suited to hiring offshore workers for English-speaking companies. This article will cover the top benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines: High [...]

Why outsource to the Philippines?2019-08-07T09:50:51+08:00

Using modern technology to outsource more complex business processes

In the past, outsourcing was only in the reach of larger enterprises and it was often restricted to process-driven call centre work. Modern technology has removed the restrictions of using outsourced teams to perform much more complex tasks—outsourcing is being enabled by the cloud infrastructure. From the Australian SME’s perspective, it is also the shift [...]

Using modern technology to outsource more complex business processes2019-08-07T10:30:22+08:00

Bringing shores together

Keep your in-house staff close and your offshore team closer—a powerful motto that can increase the chances of doing outsourcing successfully. Entrepreneurs who want to lower their labour costs or gain access to a more talented workforce often decide to move tasks offshore. But no matter what their reason is, one way to get the [...]

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Building your business with outsourcing

Outsourcing has become the go-to for many start-up organisations wanting to gain an edge over their competitors. But what does outsourcing really bring to small, medium, and large enterprises? There are a lot of business essentials that need to be considered as you venture in being an entrepreneur; infrastructure, logistics, capital, and so on. Entrepreneurs [...]

Building your business with outsourcing2019-08-07T10:42:52+08:00

Private Equity outsourcing trend is in full swing

Private equity firms are creating significant additional portfolio value by partnering with next-generation outsourcing companies that provide strategic guidance on a variety of operational improvements and transformational changes. Next-generation outsourcing companies like Cloudstaff are able to bring extensive in-depth experience to the table. They are helping management teams to improve growth by giving them the [...]

Private Equity outsourcing trend is in full swing2019-08-07T11:13:18+08:00

Fearless outsourcing

Regardless of the numerous benefits of outsourcing, some businesses are still fearful of taking the risk. Outsourcing does come with several risks, but Cloudstaff has distinct qualities that can dissolve such fears away. There are things that hold back people from outsourcing — usually, these are their worries about the dangers that might come their [...]

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Preferred outsourcing partner of innovative companies

More and more, leading innovative cloud technology, cybersecurity and FinTech companies are embracing Cloudstaff’s Outsourcing Model to empower and enhance their businesses. Cloudstaff provides successful outsourcing solutions to a diverse range of customers from various sectors.  Many of our customers are market-leading Fortune 500 companies. Cloudstaff provides a personalised service that helps our clients deliver [...]

Preferred outsourcing partner of innovative companies2019-08-07T11:27:30+08:00

Reasons Why Businesses Choose Outsourcing

Outsourcing is an excellent way to invest in your business. It is a growth enabler, helping you grow your business faster. It allows you to get more things done faster, while also saving you money and driving your business profitability. If you look on the internet, you see that there are a number of reasons [...]

Reasons Why Businesses Choose Outsourcing2019-08-07T12:14:58+08:00

Cloudstaff and the future of healthcare

As the healthcare information management industry gathered at the SMX Convention Center in Taguig, Cloudstaff's Corporate Director, Mark Wren, joined the event on behalf of the Cloudstaff team. The Healthcare Information Management Services Conference 2017 (HIMSCON) is an important gathering of the healthcare information management industry. The objective is to identify and tackle complexities and [...]

Cloudstaff and the future of healthcare2019-08-07T12:20:34+08:00

Reasons customers choose to outsource with Cloudstaff

Cloudstaff specialises in delivering successful outsourcing solutions to many different types of businesses across the globe, and the reasons they choose to outsource in the Philippines might surprise you.   When you first talk to people about why companies outsource, they will usually say “to save money”, but when we talk to our customers, they [...]

Reasons customers choose to outsource with Cloudstaff2019-08-07T12:30:27+08:00
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