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Time Management Tips: Getting More Done in a Business Day

A number of time management tips have been spreading like wildfire and are aimed at helping busy people like entrepreneurs in managing their responsibilities. But what really is a successful and effective time management? Before running a business, there are usually a couple of things that needed to be considered and a checklist to keep [...]

Time Management Tips: Getting More Done in a Business Day2019-07-18T10:47:04+08:00

Cloudstaff ID Badge Services

The Cloudstaff ID Badge Services are now available to Cloudstaff customers. With 800+ employees and contractors, we produce a lot of company IDs and have decided to make this service available to our Australian, US, and UK customers. The team produces badges which really stand out, meaning you can avoid the cost of ID badge [...]

Cloudstaff ID Badge Services2018-09-12T16:03:42+08:00

Ateneo Graduate School of Business MBA Program

MBA Program on offer! Getting an MBA in any country is desirable for employees. If you are interested in accelerating your team leaders’ skills in management, then consider an MBA. Ateneo is one of the most highly regarded Universities in the Philippines. A dream for many Cloudstaffers, is to be able to get a degree [...]

Ateneo Graduate School of Business MBA Program2016-10-17T16:42:17+08:00

Managing Performance

(Cloud Course A7) Cloudstaff is pleased to announce that the Performance Management course, recently produced its first batch of Cloudstaffers to great reviews. This one day training course intends to mould staff to gain many skills necessary for managerial success. Attendees enjoyed workshop activities that has them collaborating with other leaders in a classroom/workshop-based training [...]

Managing Performance2018-09-12T16:03:43+08:00

What are the perks of working at Cloudstaff?

It is part of Cloudstaff's culture to reward its hard working staff. Perks that employees enjoy are free snacks, meals, shake, beer, coffee, chocolate drinks, karaoke rooms, gadgets and toys, massages, monthly parties and team building events. Cloudstaff makes sure that employees are well taken care of. Cloudstaff perks are really important part of our [...]

What are the perks of working at Cloudstaff?2018-09-12T16:03:43+08:00

Is Cloudstaff A Seat Leaser?

Cloudstaff is more than just a seat leaser. It's the perfect outsourcing partner in growing your business. Cloudstaff is not into seat leasing, although we have a similar pricing model. Seat leasing is really about here’s a seat, there’s a PC, here’s some infrastructure and they might help you with the recruitment of the role [...]

Is Cloudstaff A Seat Leaser?2018-09-12T16:03:43+08:00

What is a Modern Workforce?

The next logical step to workforce expansion and evolution! Cloudstaff is about building a modern workforce, where a whole range of services can be moved to a different geographical location. Modern workforce, if you look at what’s happened in business over the last 10 years, a business 10 years ago probably had a web server [...]

What is a Modern Workforce?2018-09-12T16:03:44+08:00

Who Are Cloudstaff’s Customers?

Cloudstaff is a multi-skilled BPO company providing various professional services to customers all over the world. Cloudstaff customers are small to medium enterprises who are located in Australia, the US, the UK, Hong Kong - just about any geographic location that you can name. Our customers are also not across any particular vertical industry. We [...]

Who Are Cloudstaff’s Customers?2018-09-12T16:03:45+08:00
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