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Data Security: You’re under the aegis of Cloudstaff Vault

As threats in data security persist, how confident are you that your defence is tough enough to protect your data? The need for data security of modern businesses has led Cloudstaff to develop an extremely secure working environment called Cloudstaff Vault. The vault is specially designed for customers who perform Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures [...]

Data Security: You’re under the aegis of Cloudstaff Vault2019-07-11T14:08:56+08:00

Using modern technology to outsource more complex business processes

In the past, outsourcing was only in the reach of larger enterprises and it was often restricted to process-driven call centre work. Modern technology has removed the restrictions of using outsourced teams to perform much more complex tasks—outsourcing is being enabled by the cloud infrastructure. From the Australian SME’s perspective, it is also the shift [...]

Using modern technology to outsource more complex business processes2019-07-15T13:28:08+08:00

Uninterrupted network, uninterrupted service

Network uptime is crucial to any business, but even more so to outsourcing. Cloudstaff is committed to providing clients with stable and dependable service; we do this by strengthening our bridge — the internet. Downtime does not only affect financial cost. In outsourcing, where almost everything happens in the cloud, the customers’ trust, staff performance [...]

Uninterrupted network, uninterrupted service2019-07-15T13:29:51+08:00

Great Developers on Demand (DoD) from Cloudstaff

The demand for developers is soaring as websites and apps have become the lifeblood of most businesses. This has made finding great developers very difficult and very expensive. Cloudstaff’s Developer on Demand program is a great solution that addresses these challenges. The demand for great developers far outstrips their availability— they are scarce. The complicated [...]

Great Developers on Demand (DoD) from Cloudstaff2019-07-18T10:42:48+08:00

Slow internet means productivity loss for your offshore team

High-speed internet connectivity is a critical part of a successful BPO experience. No other Philippine BPO matches our connectivity or network support. We built our network to be fast, secure and reliable because that is what our customers need. When we first started Cloudstaff, we followed a simple principle that everything had to be in [...]

Slow internet means productivity loss for your offshore team2019-07-18T10:43:39+08:00

Examine your Data Security Options – Data Protection

Maintaining data security and ensuring the prevention of data loss are key concerns that most businesses have when considering their outsourcing options. Indeed, Cloudstaff can assist with these challenges. Outsourcing is experiencing significant growth and is being widely adopted by many industry sectors in different regions around the world. For large companies and enterprises who [...]

Examine your Data Security Options – Data Protection2019-07-19T15:48:16+08:00

Your virtual assistant has never sounded so good!

It seems that everyone has a virtual assistant these days. Two popular VAs are Siri from Apple and Alexa from Amazon. While there is no doubt text-to-speech has come a long way in the last few years, Google is about to change the game with Tacotron 2. The text-to-speech project of Google is challenging both [...]

Your virtual assistant has never sounded so good!2019-07-19T15:50:57+08:00

Cloudstaff is about to change the game

Cloudstaff was able to take part in the biggest developer conference in the Philippines held at the SMX Convention Center in SM Aura. With the theme #ChangingtheGamePH, a lot of promising and professional developers joined the conference to learn updates and latest development trends in the field. To be the best developer in the industry, [...]

Cloudstaff is about to change the game2018-09-12T16:03:29+08:00

Cloud Computing Architecture Training at Cloudstaff

Amazon Web Services, through its Regional Technical Program Manager at AWS Academy Program, Dr. Michael Chen, partnered with Cloudstaff and conducted a one-week course in Cloud Computing Architecture at CRK03. Cloudstaff has given its all-out support to the said training by hosting the venue and offering the whole course free to all participants. Joined us [...]

Cloud Computing Architecture Training at Cloudstaff2019-07-19T15:53:19+08:00

Cloudstaff Radio – Entertainment and Information.

At Cloudstaff, our corporate radio station is a very important part of our active outward communication stream. It is an essential avenue for live communication and entertainment. Since the core audience are Cloudstaffers, they can tailor the content to deliver an engaging mix of news, announcements, and entertainment. Having professional DJs on-air ensures great programming [...]

Cloudstaff Radio – Entertainment and Information.2018-11-30T12:48:55+08:00

Introducing Cloudstaff Tap

Cloudstaff believes in using technology to make the most of every day. We continually evolve our systems and deploy the technologies that help us work smarter - and if it doesn't exist, we create it! Cloudstaff Tap is an incredible little app we created to keep our entire Cloudstaff family connected. It provides access to [...]

Introducing Cloudstaff Tap2018-09-12T16:03:39+08:00

SAITE 2016 – Technology: Riding the Wave of Change

16 September 2016, Lou-is Convention Center, Balanga City, Bataan – The Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators (PSITE), had their annual student assembly on I.T. Aptly named the “Student Assembly on Information Technology Education” (SAITE), the event was host to over 3000 students in the span of two days. The event’s theme? “Technology: Riding the [...]

SAITE 2016 – Technology: Riding the Wave of Change2018-09-12T16:03:40+08:00
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