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Cloudstaff and the future of healthcare

As the healthcare information management industry gathered at the SMX Convention Center in Taguig, Cloudstaff’s Corporate Director, Mark Wren, joined the event on behalf of the Cloudstaff team.

The Healthcare Information Management Services Conference 2017 (HIMSCON) is an important gathering of the healthcare information management industry. The objective is to identify and tackle complexities and changes in technologies related to the way healthcare is being delivered. The theme for this year’s meeting was “Unlocking Opportunities. Embracing Change.”

Mark was given the opportunity to join a panel discussion and speak at the conference in relation to Growing your HIMS Business: Enablers of Start-ups and SMEs as well as highlighting the importance of choosing the right partner and learning risk management techniques and strategies for scaling a HIMS business. Moreover, Mark was able to discuss the Cloudstaff Disruptive Healthcare Solutions in relation to Coaching and Reward Programs along with Innovative Solutions to Encourage People to Manage Their Own Health.

Simple primary care strategies backed up by Cloudstaff healthcare solutions can improve health and significantly reduce cost. Mark highlighted the work of Clayton Christensen at Harvard Business Review which points out that the U.S. healthcare system is by far the world’s most expensive compared to the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, running at roughly double the cost.

When broken down, diabetes and heart disease which are largely unavoidable chronic conditions, account for more than 80% of the total costs. Mark also discussed the innovative Iora Health model with the conference delegates, focusing similarities in relation to the Cloudstaff model of utilising health coaches.

Iora Health uses relatively inexpensive, non-physician health coaches to identify patients’ unhealthy habits and lifestyles and guide them toward better choices, before health problems arise or become serious.

Another team-based care pilot, the Diabetes Prevention Program, helped reduce patients’ risk of developing the disease and saved an estimated $2,500 per beneficiary over a 15-month period by helping patients lose an average 5% of their body weight through changes in diet and exercise.

These disruptive primary-care models produce dramatic results in the management of chronic conditions with in-patient hospital admissions reduced by approximately 50%, emergency department visits decreased by approximately 20%, and total medical spend down by approximately 12%.

This one-day event provided Cloudstaff the opportunity to share best practices for start-ups, SMEs and care providers. For example, embracing the business model of extended care teams with payers and insurers by extending programs modeled on the Independence at Home and the Diabetes Prevention Program pilots, utilising Cloudstaff health coaches and backed up by the Cloudstaff Rewards program.

One of Cloudstaff’s core competencies is the provision of highly qualified nurses who can augment care providers, payers and insurers teams to provide proactive health coaching as well as innovative cloud technology solutions to drive productivity, compliance and positive behavior.

All of us at Cloudstaff are proud to know that our company, as well as the innovative technology we are using, makes a significant impact to the health industry and helps bring innovative life changing medicines to market. Cheers!

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