Cloudstaff DreamCard is here, a better way to reward Cloudstaffers

We are very excited to announce Cloudstaff DreamCard, a loyalty program that rewards Cloudstaffers for all the great things they do.

The DreamCard program makes it easy to reward Cloudstaffers for outstanding effort, participation, or tenure. Cloudstaffers also earn points when they attend Cloudstaff events or training, celebrate work milestones, display outstanding performance, or even reach personal goals.

Cloudstaffers collect DreamPoints by visiting the DreamCard scanning stations at events. They simply scan their card (or use the Rewards app) and their DreamPoints are instantly added to their account.

Checking and redeeming DreamPoints is done through the Rewards app. Cloudstaffers can exchange their points for many great rewards including flights and accommodation, store vouchers, or even laptop computers. They can also use their DreamCards to get discounts and special deals from local businesses.

Cloudstaff customers can award DreamPoints directly to their Cloudstaffers for bonuses, birthday gifts, or to thank them for their hard work.

The DreamCard system can integrate with external web-based applications via an API. This allows the system to perform a number of other useful tasks like managing event registrations or providing real-time reporting on which Cloudstaff training courses are most popular – and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

While the system has been made for Cloudstaffers, it is designed to address the specific needs of the outsourcing industry, and we intend to make it available to other companies.

We are very excited about the DreamCard program and can’t wait to see what Cloudstaffers do with their rewards.

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