Cloudstaff ISTQB Silver Partnership Renewal

Great quality assurance is essential for all software development businesses, and Cloudstaff has been helping global companies for well over 10 years by providing qualified and experienced Software Testers that help reduce development errors, streamline the development process and deliver better user experiences. 

ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) provides recognized certifications for software testers and Cloudstaff has renewed our ISTQB Silver Partnership as we continue to expand our Certified Software Tester Program based on increasing demand.

Software Testers are responsible for executing different types of tests on different development phases to ensure that the end product given to target users is functional and meets their requirements. Many of our customers require their Cloudstaff Software Testers to be ISTQB Certified so they can ensure the staff they hire meet their key criteria.

Some key benefits of the ISTQB Partner Program include:

  • Permission to use the ISTQB Partnership Program logo (and other permitted marketing material) on organisation’s website
  • Public recognition of investments in the certification of tester personnel
  • Listing of the organization on the National ISTQB Member Board’s or Exam Provider’s websites
  • Special privileges with regard to ISTQB related events and conferences
  • Eligibility to receive the Beta version of new ISTQB Syllabi with the opportunity to contribute to their review

Cloudstaff is known for heavily investing in the personal and professional development of our staff. For our QA staff, offering these certifications is a valuable asset in their career development. 

Software QA and Software Development have quickly become some of Cloudstaff’s most requested services and Cloudstaff is committed to continually growing our team of ISTQB Certified Testers, providing highly experienced Software QA staff for our customers.