Pajama Party

Cloudstaff Monthly BBQ: Pajama Party

Hearts On Fire – Pajama Party

12 February 2016 – Cloudstaffers had a fun and cozy early Valentine’s party as people walked into a very non-traditional set up. Rather than tables and chairs, people were sitting all around on mats; and rather than formal wear, a lot of people came in in their pajamas!

CS Pajama Party 2016 - (68)

The night started with Boss Lloyd showing everyone his cute sheepskin shoes, then a presentation of some cool new stuff from Cloudstaff like: Cloudstaff Buzz, and the new Cloudstaff Website (Which you can check out here: From there the night just progressed into a revelry of laughter, free-flowing beer, and quick jabs of humour.


Key highlights of the night was the showcase of the new Employee of the Month system, a song number by JesusaI AKA Suze, the speed dating where men and women got to know each other in a fun albeit funnily awkward sort of way, and the Cloudstaffer auction where the shouting and laughter reached an all time high!

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