Lunch get-together of Cloudstaff pioneers

For those who have experienced starting with a new company, a lot of familiar emotions happen to most people during their first few weeks of employment.

The anxious kick they get when starting with a new job role, the awkward phase they go through in working with their new bosses, and of course, the excitement of meeting new people. Within the sea of all these overwhelming emotions, they somehow manage to survive and a huge part of it is because of their colleagues. Co-workers that in the long run become their friends or even best friends.

Team get togethers around the Cloudstaff workplace is already a common sight. However, there was something different with the team lunch that occurred on May 25, 2017 at Cloudstaff Building 4 (SM Clark). It was different because the 24 attendees came from different departments and accounts. People thought that maybe it was a committee for an event or perhaps they were into some sort of training.

But in between non-stop giggling and teasing, it was later confirmed that it was a get together for Cloudstaff pioneer employees. According to Ms. Jhoanna (Ms.JJ as she’s fondly called) who initiated the event, it started as a simple lunch invitation so they could catch up with their fellow pioneers. She herself was overwhelmed with how successful the event turned out despite the short notice given to the people who were invited.

Attendees came in with their own lunch in hand. As their number grew, tables and chairs were added and then lunch began. It was a chatter full of reminiscing the good old days of Cloudstaff and catching up with what’s new with everyone. There were no elaborate preparations made and perhaps there’s no need to. The presence of each member was enough to make this lunch a special one.

In this fast paced world we live in, time flies so fast that catching up with someone over a cup of coffee can be considered a luxury. What more in a workplace bustling with demanding tasks and continuing changes every single day? Unintentionally, it becomes so easy to take people around us for granted.

Being able to witness the effort exerted by this group just to be together in one place is more than just a breather but rather an eye opener for a newbie. An awakening to appreciate the people they were with during their first few months in the company. Those first friendly smiles, first nods, first group they had lunch with, the first group of people they met that somehow filled their every day and gave them the assurance that somehow, they are in the right place.

Knowing how Cloudstaff appreciates occasions like these, it wouldn’t be a surprise if a bigger get together party for pioneer employees will be set. Heck they might even do a per batch thing! These pioneers have set a good standard, a great example worth eyeing for those that are behind them. That oblivious of the changes and demands in their departments and roles, their bond remains as if nothing changed. To always take the time to pause and appreciate the people that are more than just familiar faces in a venue that’s more than just a workplace, but rather more of a second home.

–Written by: ArmelaP

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