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At Cloudstaff, our corporate radio station is a very important part of our active outward communication stream. It is an essential avenue for live communication and entertainment.

Since the core audience are Cloudstaffers, they can tailor the content to deliver an engaging mix of news, announcements, and entertainment. Having professional DJs on-air ensures great programming and a fun experience for all our listeners.

Why do we love Cloudstaff Radio?

Entertaining Cloudstaffers
To start with the most obvious, you can listen to great tunes 24×7. Studies show that listening to music relieves stress and has a profound effect on the body. Staff have a web interface so they can make request and contribute to the daily programming. Our DJs program our station to ensure it is entertaining, but not distracting – it is perfectly balanced.

Keep the staff engaged
Our radio station is professionally run by experienced DJs with everything you would expect from any commercial station. It has the news, weather updates, announcements, requests, jokes, competitions, and even talk-back shows discussing common issues that affect staff. Listening to the hearty laugh of the company DJ or hearing them give some love advice will definitely keep our whole company entertained.

Sharing information
Sharing news, weather updates, special alerts, and announcements about what is happening within the company is easy through CS Radio. Reminders about holidays, outreach programs, the upcoming events, group meets, and just about anything else can be quickly shared to all staff. And because the radio station plays in common areas, you can keep up to date with all things Cloudstaff while you play pool, have your lunch, and even visit the bathroom.

As Cloudstaff keeps expanding and new offices in more diverse areas are opened, Cloudstaff Radio will play an even bigger part in keeping the entire organisation connected.

Talkback is fun
Daily programs allow staff to directly interact with the DJ. Cloudstaffers can share their opinions and suggestions. We encourage open, but respectful contributions. Listeners can join regular talkback sessions or message the DJ via the Cloudstaff Radio app or the web interface. Daily topics may include lifestyle, medical and health, love advice, and current news.

Who doesn’t love winning prizes? Cloudstaff radio have competitions that are designed to test the knowledge of staff and keep them thinking. Cloudstaff encourages creative thinking, and while some competitions are just plain and simple fun (like Chook Lotto), some require creative thought and reasoning.

You can listen to Cloudstaff Radio just about anywhere. Cloudstaff Radio is not only delivered to all Cloudstaffers’ PC and mobile devices, it is also broadcasted in common office areas and events. You can enjoy the latest tunes and hear up-to-date announcements while on your break in the common room and just about anywhere else in the office – that includes the restrooms and the lobby as well.

Cloudstaff Radio is designed for Cloudstaffers, it helps reduce stress, improve communication, create friendships, and sustain the goal of the company to be one big, happy family – it is a really amazing perk and we love it.

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