Team Building 2018 - Cloudstaff Splash

Team Building 2018 – Cloudstaff Splash

Cloudstaff hosts amazing events for our staff, and this years’ mid-year team building was no exception.

Cloudstaff Splash took place at the newest and liveliest waterpark in the Philippines, Aqua Planet. The first day was exclusively for Cloudstaffers and clients, bringing the entire company together in one place so they could get to know each other a little better. The event was designed to be a fun way to celebrate our efforts, promote teamwork, and foster lasting relationships.

Family is a big part of Cloudstaff culture, so on the second day we opened the whole park for the staff to enjoy the day with their families—it was amazing. Over 3,500 people took part!Team Building 2018 - Cloudstaff Splash

While the weather was a bit wetter than expected, it takes more than a little rain to stop us from having a great time at a waterpark. In his opening remarks, Lloyd said “It’s not a Cloudstaff event if it’s not raining.” Rain at events has become a bit of a Cloudstaff tradition.

The event was hosted by the very energetic Marvin and DJ Cool OT (Christopher) from Cloudstaff Radio. They entertained the crowd with jokes, mini-games, activities, and gave away a heap of prizes.

One of the highlights of the event was Cloudstaff Surfvival. The competitors dared to conquer the breathtaking slides and extreme challenges. They also demonstrated their ability to work together as a group to solve problems. While the results were very close, the Clidro Team won the title of “Ultimate Surfvivor”.

The thrilling slides, wave pools, and other activities brought back childhood memories. Some Cloudstaffers relentlessly searched for the next big rush, while others chose to take it easy and relax with great food and great friends.

It was also a great opportunity for Cloudstaffers to spend some time with their clients outside of the office. Some of our customers were even spotted racing down the slides with their teams.

Cloudstaff bands rocked the night away at our Surf Party. Despite the drizzly weather, our amazingly talented artists kept the evening pumping with their awesome performances.

Team Building 2018 - Cloudstaff Splash

The Night Market during the team building event was a huge hit. Prior to the event, Cloudstaffers were given “Surf Bucks” that they could use to buy things from the many stores. There were a variety of great stuff—from snacks to cosmetics, and everything in between.

Like all other Cloudstaff events, there are always great prizes! Lucky Cloudstaffers took home huge cash prizes and thousands of other giveaways.

Cloudstaff is committed to building the Number One Workplace in the Philippines. Staff engagement activities, such as team building events, are a critical part of this strategy.

We want to reward our staff, motivate them, encourage collaboration, and promote a happy, friendly, and safe workplace. When staff enjoy what they do, it has a positive impact on the entire company—and our customers benefit as a result.

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