Cloudstaff Unfolds the Rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Cloudstaff Unfolds the Rise of AI

Cloudstaff, together with several BPOs and software companies, attended a seminar/workshop held by the Region 3 Chapter of the Philippine Society of Information Technology Educators (better known as PSITE) hosted by Mabalacat City College (MCC).

Entitled as “Understanding Machine Learning in Web and Mobile Applications,” the event paved the way for Cloudstaff to share learnings and knowledge when it comes to the practice of artificial intelligence (AI).

Our Cloudstaffer Archimedes was able to teach participants some basic machine learning algorithms as well as programming tools they can work with to improve their skills. Moreover, the event has also been a venue to gain new insights to our Cloudstaffers who became part of it which they can use at work.

The seminar/workshop has also unified both the industry sector and the academe to shed light on misconceptions long-believed about artificial intelligence and the possible loss of human jobs in the future. AI must be recognised as something to be beneficial and not destructive to the human race. We must be able to learn how to fully utilise the use of AI to bring out the best results it can offer us.

Given all the fears and doubts, the rise of AI cannot be stopped, but it can be designed for a worthwhile cause.

Moreover, with the rise of technology, customers’ expectations from service providers have also increased. Using AI and machine learning as building blocks to rise to the expectations is a proactive way of dealing with the present changes.

Recognised as the Modern Workforce, Cloudstaff embraces technological advancements with open arms and our staff are geared towards seeking opportunities to grow, learn, and stay up-to-date, which would definitely benefit the whole organisation as well as our customers.


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