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Cloudstaff Vault – PCI DSS Compliance for Customer Data Security

Just recently, Cloudstaff has stepped up its privacy and data security platform and has received its PCI compliance certificate for the Cloudstaff Vault.

The Vault  was customised to meet the requirements set by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) especially for customers who need both the technical and operational requirements to keep their data secured. After a recent audit, Cloudstaff Vault has been certified to help make the process of achieving PCI DSS compliance easier for its clients.

It was built to be an extremely secure working environment to meet the need for robust security of modern businesses. Cloudstaff proposes that any business dealing with highly sensitive and private data can explore the Vault for their benefit. You can even configure the level of security according to the specific needs of your business. The Vault offers features that are ideal to secure your dedicated business suite.

Located in Clark, a number of industries can benefit from the PCI DSS certification since it is designed to meet both privacy and data security needs of industries. Customers such as those from the financial services industry can now easily apply for certification for their outsourced transaction processing inside the Cloudstaff Vault.

The trust coming from customers fuelled Cloudstaff to comply with the data security standards of the PCI council. We feel honoured because our customers are confident enough to entrust their personal and financial information with us.

Moreover, Cloudstaff recognises that security risks can significantly affect the way our customers operate. We believe that our customers’ trust results from our commitment to quality and excellence, as well as our genuine concern for the safety of our customer’s data.

For more information about our Cloudstaff Vault, feel free to send us an email at sales@cloudstaff.com.

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