Cloudstaff’s first Filipino employee celebrates her 7th year!

Every time we get into a new career, we always have that bundle of energy to do great and that desire to impress. This new found energy redoubles our efforts, our passion, and our enthusiasm, allowing us to do our job excellently.

As the days turn to weeks, the weeks turn to months, and the months turn to years. The all-out sprint at the beginning of your career track, soon slows down to a trudge. Work becomes mundane, repetitive, or routinary – a chore; we lose the passion that once fueled us.

But for Ann Flores (AnnF), Cloudstaff’s very first Filipino employee, it’s very different. As her career continues on, she unceasingly enjoys her stay at the company and she’s even willing to accept new responsibilities; furthering her career growth at Cloudstaff.

Ann Flores 7th Year

Starting as the Executive Assistant to Lloyd, Ann Flores is now the company’s password manager.

On Love and Drive
Celebrating her 7th year at Cloudstaff, AnnF has experienced the company grow from a mere 7 employees to the 700+ strong company it is now. She’s seen the good and the bad, and we wonder “What fuels this drive?” This drive that allows her to go forward even when others have burned out. So we ask.

Her response “You should always love your job, the company, the bosses, and every stakeholders of Cloudstaff. The quality of your job’s result is the reward of loving them all. Do what makes you happy and always be consistent.”

On Burning Out
Consistency is important, but even the best of us has their moments of weakness. We ask AnnF how she deals with these moments and how she can go through them.

Her response “Everyone has a dull moment on his or her job, but the important thing is you know how to look back where and when you started, the passion that you have that time.”

Of Thanks and Appreciations
AnnF is a living testimony of punching stress in the face and claiming your happiness. The amount of time she devoted to the company really deserves a resounding round of applause. Congratulations AnnF! We wish you all the best. Stay awesome. ?

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