Cloudstaff’s mPC offers more flexibility to global businesses’ PC Fleet

Over the last year, Cloudstaff quickly adapted to the ever-changing needs of our clients to give them increased flexibility and more options with their remote PC Fleet.

Even with vaccine rollouts throughout 2021, it will likely take some time before the staff in the Philippines start to transition back into the office in large numbers. Customers, however, still require reliable hardware and security options for their staff to work effectively, and with the flexibility to meet changing situations. Responding to the need, Cloudstaff has launched its managed PC (mPC) hardware rental plans – a flexible hardware option with a focus on business continuity planning (BCP). 

What is mPC?

mPC is Cloudstaff’s hardware rental program that provides customers with the ability to deploy Tier 1 hardware options (Lenovo, Fujitsu, Apple) with the flexibility to customize the systems as required with no large up-front capital expense.  

Rather than the customer purchasing their own hardware and being responsible for significant replacement and maintenance costs, the mPC program rolls all the costs into an all-inclusive, affordable monthly price that includes installation, insurance, and on-demand technical support.  

The mPC program delivers high availability and business continuity for companies looking for hardware portability. Throughout the COVID pandemic, we have seen a shift towards laptops and mini-PCs which can be easily moved between work locations on short notice. The mPC program provides a powerful range of portable hardware options backed up by Cloudstaff’s security and support networks.  

mPC Key Benefits

With the multitude of different roles or tasks that Cloudstaffers perform each day for businesses all around the world, the mPC program makes it easy for our customers to provide their offshore teams with the hardware they need to be efficient and productive. Another key advantage of the mPC program is the rapid upgrade and repair service that maximizes staff uptime. 

Here’s how mPC can fully support your business needs.

  1. Simple Pricing – Everything you need is rolled into a single, affordable rental fee. This reduces capital expenditure and simplifies hardware deployment.
  2. No Maintenance Costs – All maintenance is included. If hardware components, headsets, keyboards or UPS units fail, they will be replaced quickly with no additional charges.
  3. On Spot Replacement – All units come with a Replacement Guarantee. In the case of hardware failure, Cloudstaff will replace the affected hardware with minimal downtime. 
  4. Dedicated Hardware – Hardware is allocated to individual staff, unlike other BPOs where PCs are shared between staff from different customers and shifts.
  5. 24×7 – On-site technical support is always on hand to resolve issues, any time of the day or night. 
  6. Add Ons – With mPC, you can change the hardware configuration or peripherals to meet your needs. Need another monitor? Just add it – from 28” to massively wide 49”.
  7. PEZA – Non-PEZA – PEZA is a Philippine Government location classification for work environments that provides some financial incentives for businesses. If staff are relocating from a PEZA or Non-PEZA building, in the past, this has proved an issue with hardware assets being non-transferable. This is no longer an issue with Cloudstaff’s mPC. 
  8. Home Kits – If your staff need to be able to work from both home and the office, the Home Kit add-on provides a monitor, keyboard, and other accessories for the second location—so staff only need to take their laptop home, plug it in and start working.
  9. Insured – All mPC units are insured against loss and accidental damage, the premium is included in the monthly mPC fee. (Note: Excessive claims may result in increased premiums.)
  10. In Stock – Managing supply chains in emerging economies can be a challenge. Cloudstaff carries significant stock of mPC hardware so new hardware and replacements can be deployed in just hours. You don’t have to wait for days or weeks for suppliers.
cloudstaff PC fleet- laptop and desktop


Laptops give your remote team the mobility and portability to stay productive no matter where they are working from. This is particularly important, with COVID-related office closures being enforced on short notice throughout 2021. 

Cloudstaff mPC laptop models:

  • CS Laptop Office 5 – best of back office
  • CS Laptop Office 7 – best for coding & creative
  • CS Laptop Graphics 7 – best for coding, creative & architecture 
  • CS Laptop Graphics 7 Pro – best for coding, creative, architecture, graphic arts, 3D rendering


If your offshore team performs more complex tasks such as video editing, animations, or 3D modeling, desktop PCs usually provide more power with high-performance graphic cards. This allows them to accomplish their workload smoothly and efficiently. However, desktop PCs are usually kept in a single location. This helps ensure even greater levels of safety and security, but does make it more difficult to move workspaces on short notice. 

Cloudstaff mPC desktop models:

  • CS Tiny Desktop Office 5 – best for back office
  • CS Tower PC Desktop Office 7 – best for coding & creative
  • CS Performance Pro – Xeon – best for coding, creative, architecture, graphic arts, 3D rendering

Get the most from outsourcing with Cloudstaff

As an innovative company, Cloudstaff fully utilizes technology to remove the challenges of working with remote teams by giving you the tools, systems, and processes that deliver complete control and visibility of your remote workforce.

Cloudstaff has a proven track record of delivering successful outsourcing solutions to businesses of all sizes. Our innovation unleashes the full potential of outsourcing, giving you the expertise you need to thrive in a changing market. For complete mPC inclusions and price range, speak with us today.