Crawling deeper into SEO

Search engines fascinatingly make our life easier by helping us find almost everything we are looking for, but this wouldn’t be possible without SEO.

To further understand the topic, Cloudstaff’s Web Crawlers club had a series of brown bag sessions hosted by the Cloudstaff Marketing Team.

Web Crawlers is a group intended for Cloudstaffers working in SEO and digital marketing. The club was formed to provide a venue for members to share updates and information regarding the topic while also learning from their fellow members.

Recently, the group strengthened their efforts in understanding SEO better, starting with a workshop initiated by the Marketing Department. The newly assigned POC of Web Crawlers and a Senior SEO from Cloudstaff Marketing, Dea David, was the speaker of the informative discussion about search engine optimisation.

It was attended by the whole Marketing Team, staff from the Creative Team, and some client-engaged SEO specialists, digital marketers, and executive services specialists. Web Crawlers club members who are based in other Cloudstaff offices also took part in the workshop through the video-conferencing app, Zoom.

The first session was an introduction to search engine optimisation, which included the birth of SEO, different search engines, as well as the importance of keywords and content. Off-page optimisation was the main topic on the second session where the pillars of SEO and the fundamentals of link building were discussed. Dea also explained why it is essential to make SEO and user experience (UX) work together. The final discussion was all about paid ads that covered pay-per-click basics, paid search platforms, types of ads, campaign budgeting, and keyword bidding.

A major takeaway from the activity was that learning SEO is not only beneficial for SEO specialists or digital marketers. It is also helpful for other professions like content writing. “As a writer, I learned that content will only help a business if it has the right context, the right keywords, and is search engine friendly,” according to Mj, one of the participants.

With the expertise of our speaker, the active participation of the attendees, and the full support of our CEO, the workshop has been an overall success. This is just the beginning of Web Crawlers’ efforts in “crawling” deeper into SEO. Together, they will continue to learn and share their knowledge not only to those who are in the same field but also to anyone who can benefit from SEO.


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