CS VIRTUIFY 2020: The virtual event that shattered all expectations

‘The future is already here!’ These five words from renowned business leader Francis Kong really sum up Cloudstaff’s extraordinary successful mid-year team building event, VIRTUIFY.

Only a few months ago, it would have been inconceivable that any business would be throwing a party, let alone an extravaganza attracting over five and a half thousand guests, but Cloudstaff is certainly not your average, everyday outsourcing company!

With COVID-related restrictions on mass gatherings still in force, Cloudstaff went virtual and the results were spectacular.

Over 5,670 Cloudstaff employees, clients, friends, and family signed up for the virtual event, but once it began streaming live on Facebook, VIRTUIFY was seen by an extraordinary 45,000 people – none of whom could have left disappointed!

Guests were treated to inspirational words of wisdom from three of the most sought after business speakers in the Philippines: entrepreneur Francis Kong, life coach Pat De Leon, and television host Joyce Pring, while Cloudstaff CEO Lloyd Ernst made a number of inspirational addresses, including the huge announcement of a new employee share program.

The other main draw cards of the day were the extensive prize lists up for grabs with the lucky winners sharing in 50 x Lenovo laptops, 60 x 1 year internet subscriptions powered by Converge, 20 x home office setups, and 200,000 pesos in cash prizes.

The futuristic tone for the day was set early when Ernst offered a glimpse into the future of workplace technology and the steps Cloudstaff has already been taking to ensure the company remains at the forefront of innovation and adaptation – a theme that Francis Kong would soon extend on.

Kong, an entrepreneur widely recognized as one of the most prominent business leaders in the Philippines, praised Cloudstaff’s forward-thinking culture and spoke of the need to adapt to the changing workplace. Highlighting that ‘work from home is here to stay’, Kong encouraged the audience to make sure their workspace is set up as professionally as possible, embrace the digital shift, and to continue to look for opportunities in the new economy.

With the future mapped out and looking bright, the addresses by Pat De Leon and Joyce Pring focused more on the personal attributes that can help us attain success both in the future and the here and now.

De Leon was inspirational in his mission to motivate his listeners to search for their ‘why’, and to persevere no matter what, while Pring’s interactive presentation reminded the audience to be mindful and show gratitude which, in turn, helps us to be more productive and successful in other areas of our lives.

The biggest announcement of the day, however, was made by Cloudstaff Founder and CEO, Lloyd Ernst, with the announcement of an employee share option plan (ESOP) – a move that will change lives by setting aside 8% of Cloudstaff’s total shares for Cloudstaff employees.

While still in its early stages of development, the ESOP plan is designed to reward employees who have helped build value for Cloudstaff through years of dedicated tenure and exceptional service.

The announcement triggered a wave of online comments praising the generosity of the company, and really capped off what was a spectacular virtual event.

In total, CS VIRTUIFY attracted over 45,000 views online (and still counting), with 5,900 online comments and 1,000 shares – an extraordinary success in any language, and yet another example of Cloudstaff’s culture of providing the biggest and best events for its staff and their families.

For those who missed the event or would like to relive the experience, the good news is that CS VIRTUIFY 2020 can be viewed in full on the Cloudstaff Facebook page (don’t forget to like the page while you’re there and share the event with your friends).