Fearless outsourcing

Fearless outsourcing

Regardless of the numerous benefits of outsourcing, some businesses are still fearful of taking the risk. Outsourcing does come with several risks, but Cloudstaff has distinct qualities that can dissolve such fears away.

There are things that hold back people from outsourcing — usually, these are their worries about the dangers that might come their way during the process. However, with the right procedure and the right outsourcing partner, it could be the best decision they could make for their business.

In an interview with Cloudstaff’s Executive Vice President, Tim Witucki, he stated some guidelines that you may find useful before taking your organisation to a whole new level.

Always do benchmarking

When it comes to outsourcing, never settle for the first option. Just because it is low cost, doesn’t mean it is the best choice. Always do benchmarking — gather information, compare the advantages, weigh the disadvantages, and once you’ve found the company that stands out and perfectly suits what you want and what you need, that’s the time to choose.

Here are some of the items you must know before making a decision:

  • Retention rates
  • Attrition rates
  • Training programs
  • Process of services offered
  • Price point

Check if they have the right environment for staff

It is not only your advantages that matter when choosing the right outsourcing partner, you should also consider the staff’s well-being. You must keep in mind that when you outsource staff, they should be valued just like your in-house employees, and their satisfaction will impact your company. Choose the one that has their office near where the staff live or one which is easily accessible from their home.

At Cloudstaff, before opening another office, we make sure to get the opinions of our staff through surveys. We choose the location with the best convenience; we build our offices where commuting would not be much of a hassle for the staff.

Consider their culture

One of the fears of business owners is that they might not be able to understand the culture of the outsourcing company. Culture is essential for the overall operation of your company so it is necessary to look for a provider that will match your organisation’s culture.

Cloudstaff has a combination of Western and Filipino management teams and we find this very helpful in coping with the different cultures of our customers. The key to understanding the practice of others is to experience it first-hand. We encourage our customers to visit our offices and spend some quality time with their team.

Look for English-speaking staff

English is one of the official languages of the Philippines, and there’s no doubt that the majority of Filipinos are well-versed in the English language. Good communication has always been very important, but in outsourcing where different nationalities may be involved, you need to be extra careful in making your choices.

Most of our staff are university educated, have excellent English language skills, and are experienced in working with various nationalities including Westerners. Cloudstaff also conducts training programs to continuously enhance the staff’s communication skills.

Though outsourcing is risky, there is nothing to be scared of as long as you are guided in choosing the right company as your partner — one that has a genuine concern not only for their customers, but also for their staff.

Watch the full interview with Tim where he discussed why one should outsource in the Philippines. He also stated some helpful pieces of advice that could help companies overcome the worries that hold them back from outsourcing.

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