The creation and design of software games requires a unique flair for the brilliant as well as an eye for granular detail and a feel for the aesthetic. Game design leverages multidisciplinary artists fluent in game design principles, 2D and 3D modeling and rendering.

Cloudstaff can contribute to your gaming projects by helping you build talented teams of qualified, experienced and talented digital artists and producers.

Whether your project needs concept art, 3D models, 3D character animations or Scenery Rendering and Texturing, team members with a strong understanding of video game development and the art-creation processes are available to assist.

Cloudstaff can provide amazing staff, who have worked with some of the largest gaming and animation studios in the world, for every aspect of game design.


Have the game production experience you are looking for. They can author advanced character deformation systems and create animator-friendly rigs. They are able to work collaboratively, solve pipeline problems, and think creatively.

Popular Animation Tools:

  • Maya, MotionBuilder, Autodesk, Python, MAXscript and Mel.


Have proven experience with character-driven gameplay systems. They have a genuine passion for games and seek to always work with your teams to proactively resolve issues.

Popular Design Tools:

  • C#, JavaScript, Unity, Creative Cloud including: After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and XD.


Are equipped with the latest 3D modeling, sculpting, and animating software for your quality outsourcing needs. They create photorealistic real-time game models including UVs and textures.

They can assist with replicating facial features, likenesses, clothing, texture variants, hair etc.

They will collaborate with your tech and art teams, and other departments throughout the character production process.

Popular Modeling Tools:

  • Maya, Photoshop, Illustrator, Zbrush, Mudbox

Game Developers / Programmers:

Typically work as members of agile, multidisciplinary creative teams. They are responsible for implementing backend systems. They thrive on solving complex technical problems and building highly scalable systems to handle thousands of simultaneous network connections.

Popular Development Tools:

  • C#, Dotnet Core, Angular, Linux, Kubernetes, Docker, Android, IOS, Amazon,Subversion, Git

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