Get real-time status updates on your chat platform with MyStaff

Cloudstaff has made MyStaff even better with a new real-time alert feature that makes staff management and monitoring a lot easier. 

At Cloudstaff, we are focused on making outsourcing even better and we have developed a wide range of custom-built software applications specifically designed to help our customers manage and communicate with their offshore teams. 

MyStaff is a powerful HR & staff management platform that makes keeping track of your team and their tasks as simple as the push of a button.

The MyStaff app makes it easy to monitor your team’s timesheets, daily activities, and attendance, as well as generating weekly and monthly reports measuring progress and performance. It even gives you an overview of how your staff spend their time, making project management simpler and far more efficient. 

Our latest upgrade builds on this existing framework to create a powerful communication tool that now allows our customers to connect MyStaff with their preferred corporate chat platforms.

Real-time updates at a quick glance

MyStaff can now integrate with popular messaging platforms to deliver real-time activity alerts when staff members start or end their shifts, when they are on breaks, or what they are working on. For our customers, this means being able to keep up to date on staff activity in real-time delivered on an instant message platform they are already familiar with. They will always know the status of their remote workforce which makes task allocation and outcome delivery management much more efficient. 

Integration is easy 

MyStaff can easily connect to many popular messaging platforms, including Slack, Google Chat, and RocketChat.

Users choose their preferred messaging platform and select the events they wish to be notified about. A customer wishing to closely monitor their time might configure MyStaff to notify them of the following staff events: starting their shift, taking a break, attending a meeting, ending their shift, performing a task, stopping a task, or even knowing if your staff member is currently idle

MyStaff platform

Mystaff delivers the information our customers care most about in real-time on the messaging platform of their choice. 

MyStaff is just one of the tools that Cloudstaff has developed to help customers get even more from outsourcing. Cloudstaff is committed to helping our customers grow their business by unleashing the full potential of outsourcing. Speak to Cloudstaff today and discover how we can add value to your business. 

If you are a Cloudstaff customer and would like to find out more about MyStaff or the Cloudstaff ecosystem, please reach out to your Account Manager for a demonstration.