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How digital transformation changed business communication

It’s so easy to switch “on” at any time of the day and in any place using the latest technology, but what’s really impressive is how this digital transformation continues to affect business communications.

Technology has undoubtedly improved productivity in modern businesses. Companies are continually coming up with new and better ways to solve common problems, and digital transformation has led to business owners becoming more innovative.

But more than that, communication with one another has become a lot easier as well. For younger employees who have grown up in the digital age, it is just expected that businesses will communicate with them in modern ways.

How digital transformation has influenced business communications

Internal communications

Printed newsletters used to be a primary way for businesses to relay information to their staff. After some time, intranet, online articles, and email newsletters took its place.

The introduction of automated workflows also helped speed up many business processes, increased efficiencies and minimized human errors. Digital communication gave business leaders easy access to staff and other divisions.

Now, many companies are taking the next step and developing internal staff apps. These apps enable companies to have faster and clearer forms of communication and project monitoring, no matter where the staff are. Apps may include videos, blogs, social media, and webinars. File sharing, chat rooms and video conferences are also popular inclusions. 

In an age of flexi-schedules, working remotely and outsourced staff, internal apps offer companies new levels of flexibility and convenience.  

External communications

With digital transformation comes the speed of communication. Businesses have become more and more aware of the need to be active on social media and boost their online presence. Digitizing external communications to these platforms provides customers with better and more frequent information that is available 24/7.

While people can easily connect with everything that’s happening around them, it’s not, however,  just about connection but also the meaningfulness of the connection they get. This has created an opportunity for companies to earn loyal customers. 

Multi-channel communication is also particularly beneficial when interacting with suppliers. It allows businesses to save time from doing mundane tasks like order processing and gives businesses more time to work on personal relationships rather than administration. 

Modern tools of communication for modern businesses

Traditional businesses have taken advantage of the digital world, and global outsourcing has become a big piece of the puzzle. Business owners are now choosing to outsource jobs in order to streamline their processes.

Top BPO outsourcing providers such as Cloudstaff can help improve your business communications. Our total commitment towards innovation and technology has placed us as an industry leader in the creation of smarter outsourcing solutions.

Combining outsourcing with technology allows for significant increases in efficiency and output. They provide the framework to deliver the results that you want. 

Cloudstaff has developed a suite of custom applications designed to help you communicate with your staff and customers. By providing the right tools, we help you stay connected at all times.

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