How safe is your data when you outsource tasks offshore

How safe is your data when you outsource tasks offshore?

Most companies today take cyber security very seriously and go to great lengths to keep their data and intellectual property safe in the online environment. But what about when you move tasks offshore? Can your outsourcing provider offer you the same levels of protection?

For business owners considering outsourcing as an option for their operations, data security is frequently one of their key concerns. Especially for roles that require the handling of sensitive information and financial transactions. 

In most cases, businesses who outsource don’t have direct control over the security policies of their outsourced operations. When choosing an outsourcing provider, it’s essential that you know what type of physical and cyber security measures are in place. 

At Cloudstaff, we take data security very seriously and offer enterprise grade security with a range of options available to our customers. 

For us, data protection begins well before a computer is even turned on. It involves having secure locations with surveillance cameras, deployment of guards and patrols, biometrics and alarm systems. All employees are thoroughly screened to help verify employment records, confirm credentials, and to check their criminal history before hiring. 

We ensure that our clients can bank on our security implementations at all times in order to keep their information safe and prevent data loss. 

We make sure to conduct regular software updates, encrypt sensitive data and we also have a dedicated firewall for an added layer of physical security. The dedicated firewall gives you full control over all devices and what type of data is allowed to travel on your VPN to reduce risk. 

The Vault

For customers who require extra security, Cloudstaff built a dedicated high security area called ‘The Vault’. It is designed by technology experts to accommodate customers working with highly confidential data – such as banking details, medical records, credit card transactions, and legal documents.

Key features of The Vault include:
  • 24×7 Security
    Highly trained security guards are stationed at entrances and exits, 24 hours a day. 
  • Device restrictions
    Mobile phones, storage and recording devices are strictly prohibited from entering the secure area. Staff are provided with safe storage for their phones and valuables before they enter the work area. Customers are able to add custom restrictions as needed. 
  • Metal detectors
    To enter and exit The Vault, staff must walk through metal detectors to ensure they are not carrying any storage devices. 
  • CCTV
    CCTV with remote viewing capability is randomly analysed by a security specialist. 
  • Hardened PCs
    USB ports and other non critical IO ports are disabled, while PCs are secured to prevent unauthorised software installations. Network access can also be restricted in line with the customer’s requirements. 
  • Daily PC audit
    Cloudstaff Ready to Work is an application that is preinstalled on all PCs and is activated before they commence work. The application performs an audit of the PC to ensure that the predefined security measures are in place and the PC is safe to use. 
  • Network isolation
    Team members’ PCs are isolated on their own networks and can only be connected to approved network appliances. Only approved hardware can be added to the network.

Of course not all customers will need such stringent measures, but even with our base level data security, Cloudstaff customers can be assured that their data and intellectual property is being kept safe and the risk of a breach is minimised.  

If you want to know more about Cloudstaff Vault and the data management solutions we offer, please reach out to us any time at

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