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How should you focus on employee development during the pandemic?

Even during these unprecedented times, employee development is an important part of a healthy business culture. A commitment to these emerging technologies and training can help strengthen your workforce and also help increase your ROI even when you’re running on a tight budget.

The need to upskill staff is necessary for building the new future of work. Tomorrow’s workplace will require flexibility and openness to innovation. This means that for companies who are looking to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives, using technology as a tool for staff training and development gives them the opportunity to grow their workforce and to make their business more efficient.

Regular staff training helps close the skills gap in your organization. Keeping up with the new methods and fully embracing and implementing digital strategies will provide you with a competitive edge necessary to achieve your business goals.

Building a continuous learning culture and creating a well-defined employee development plan

The pandemic has left businesses with a skills crisis and many have struggled to sustain their operations. While organizations try to get back on track, they also try to cut costs, which also means cutting a large chunk of their training and development budget. 

However, the key for any organization to thrive in any economic environment is establishing a continuous learning culture. Learning opportunities help lay the foundation for growth and development.

Technological changes are redefining jobs and when employees are presented with opportunities for development, they become more agile, making it easier for them to accommodate new roles. 

Here are four ways you can consider to help get your staff ready to compete in a changing business landscape. 

  1. Boost employee support and leadership coaching

Managers are big influencers in the workplace. Whether you are working in the office or in a remote location, frequently checking in on your staff can help a lot. When employees receive coaching and feedback, it keeps them motivated and they can perform their tasks better. 

Train and encourage your business managers to provide constructive feedback. They are the assets of your company and your partners in enhancing the strengths and competencies of your employees. During uncertain times, they are also the best people whom your staff can rely on for immediate concerns, helping you manage your current work situations.

  1. Promote virtual training

Companies are now holding virtual training sessions for their staff. But even before the pandemic, many organizations have already started implementing cloud-based learning.

With the use of alternative training methods, employees can continue developing their skills and the more they participate in remote education the faster they become well-adapted to today’s evolving processes. 

  1. Encourage peer-to-peer learning

Knowledge sharing is an excellent method to boost the efficiency of both your local and remote workforce. Putting together departmental presentations can be a great way to ensure that your company’s best practices are learned and shared—including real-life and hands-on experiences. You’ll be able to bridge gaps in knowledge and processes within your organization. 

  1. Onboard and train new hires

New hires training is an essential aspect of business training and development. As your company grows, it’s important to provide training or orientation to new hires, whether they are sitting in an office or in a remote location.

A comprehensive induction course helps new employees adapt faster by understanding their duties and responsibilities better as you train them and instill your own corporate culture. Maximizing your staff’s potential through employee development strategies creates a positive impact on your business, contributing to your long-term success.

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