How to approach the millennial generation through customer service

How to approach the millennial generation through customer service

As the years tick by, Millennials are now increasingly the world’s largest consumer group, but if you want their loyalty, you need to do things their way with customer service. So before you start marketing your business, you need to understand their generation. 

We all want good customer service, but what Millenials are looking for isn’t always the same as what previous generations have wanted or expected. As technology changes, it gives businesses the opportunity to consider new ways that they can provide good service for their customers.

Here are a few things you need to know about millennials to provide them with great customer service.

They value self-service

Millennials grew up in a time where, with the use of search engines, they could find answers or the information they need immediately. They do almost everything on their own when they have customer service inquiries. This means that when they visit your website, they expect an application which they can find information for themselves quickly and easily.

Make sure that your website has all of your relevant information, a FAQ page, a community forum or helpful videos and articles. This will allow your customers to ask questions or seek answers all on their own.

They want real-time responses

Millennials want an instant response to their questions. Growing up with smartphones make them want things right at this moment. For many online shoppers, a company that knows how to value their time is valuable.

When millennials reach out for customer support through social media, they look forward to getting a response within ten minutes. They also expect quick answers when they post a question by way of text messaging. If you’re going to put them on hold for so long, they will not hesitate to shift to another company. Providing quick response to their queries is a great way to keep them happy.

They switch between multiple devices

If you’re going to promote your business and connect with your customers, make sure that you do it on different devices. Why? Because every now and then, millennials switch between their smartphones, laptops and TV.

A good way to start is by creating a website with a flexible design. It will be easy for millennials to access and navigate it regardless of the device they’re using. They also expect you to engage with them on different social networks. Millennials would spend hours scrolling through their social media accounts. That will earn you their loyalty to your brand.

They choose how they communicate

If there’s one thing that millennials are definitely not fond of, it’s calling your customer service representative. It’s better to give them options for how to get in touch with your business. Don’t just leave them with a phone number to call. Let them choose the way they want to connect with your brand, including social media messages, email and SMS. While there may be some who still prefer phone calls, make sure not to put them on hold. That would be a terrible customer experience for them.

They want authenticity

Millennials don’t want to engage with customer service representatives who only follow the script. They want to interact with real and authentic people. When it comes to customer service, your brand should give them a more casual viewpoint.

If you want to engage more millennial customers, you need to know how to speak in their native language. Millennials often text, tweet and post on their Facebook or Instagram account. You always have to stay authentic when you associate with them.

They value connection and feedback

Compared to other generations, millennials connect with brands on a more personal level. They have different ways of engaging with businesses. For instance, millennials want to know where the products they’re buying are produced. They would like to know the people behind your company. This is why it’s better to include an “About Us”or “Meet the Team” page on your website or social media accounts.

Create useful content to give your customers the information they need. You can also share some positive reviews or feedback with regard to your product or service.

They are open to different opportunities

Technology has made it easier for millennials to access everything in an instant. With this comes the expectation for them to be educated and knowledgeable. They are also more exposed and more aware of different cultures and viewpoints. Because of this, they want to capitalise on the experience that your business can offer.

You can give them the updates they need using real-time data. You can offer them great deals when they purchase your product or service. It’s also a good idea to support a cause where you can encourage millennials to take part as well.

They will not hesitate to leave a company

Millennials will not think twice about leaving a company after having a bad customer experience. You need to provide consistently good service if you want to keep them as customers, otherwise, they’ll give their loyalty to your competitors.

Enrich your customers’ experience with Cloudstaff

Great customer service is vital to all businesses, big or small. The quality of your customer service will most likely determine if your customers will choose your services or recommend you to their friends and associates.

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