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Adam explains the comprehensive strategy of Cloudstaff.

Adam O’ Connor explains the comprehensive strategy of Cloudstaff regarding its choice of locations, its attraction strategy, as well as its staff retention approach. He discusses, too, how important it is for staff to be happy and the environment to be conducive for working.

I’m Adam O’Connor, I’m the COO of Cloudstaff. Cloudstaff helps companies to reduce costs with their back office and other functions within their business. We do it in the Philippines, we’re based mainly out of Clark but we also have offices in Ortigas, Manila, and Makati. We have 1,200 staff. If you have all of the staff in one location and something were to happen, whether a natural disaster, we would lose all of our operations. The reason we split them over different parts of the Philippines is because we want to make sure that if anything does happen, we can continue operations with the BCP plan.

We have a strategy where we put the offices close to where the staff live. This reduces commute times, allows the staff to be close to their families which is very important in the Philippines and also it keeps them happy.

Our biggest industry sectors seem to be accounting and real estate at this moment in time, both are growing quite rapidly and both have grown very well. Both of those sectors that I have mentioned have quite a lot of back-office work that’s repetitive and time-consuming and can be moved offshore quite easily. That allows the people who are in the offices in the West to be able to focus on more revenue-generating tasks.

Within the real estate industry, our biggest client has over 70 staff engaged currently and they’re continuing to grow, they’re looking to get to a hundred. We have around 30 other real estate firms with us and we have about 10 that are looking at us at the moment.

“Cloudstaff Attraction Strategy” attracts hundreds of applicants per week. We filter them through our recruitment drive and we’re able to take those applicants and present them to clients ready for engagement. Having that wide range of candidates allows a customer to choose the right fit for their business, it allows them to onboard quickly and allows them to be functional and earning money very quickly.

“Cloudstaff Strategy for Retention” revolves around the staff. We put on clubs for the staff, with special interest groups, they include photography, trekking, biking, volleyball — anything you could really imagine, we empower the staff. We also put in a sub-server management structure that combines both Western management and local management and we make sure that the staff all have a voice.

The “#1 Workplace in the Philippines” philosophy from Cloudstaff is an aspiration. We try every day to improve and we try to make sure that the staff want to come and work for us. Cloudstaff provides a lot of training for the staff. We have public speaking training, leadership training as well as some key areas where staff want to improve their skills and careers and also where the customers want them to improve.

Within Cloudstaff, we have a wide range of customers who do different tasks. Within those customers, we may have people such as accountants, developers, QAs, and it’s important to make sure that these people also talk to like-minded people. The staff created clubs to make sure that they are able to share knowledge, get training, and people coming inside to help them progress with their careers and the clubs form and meet once every month, get some training, talk about industry news.

I think it’s important when you’re trying to choose which BPO to go with that you come and see the environment in which your staff will be working.

Are your staff happy? Is the environment going to work with you and help you to make sure that you get the best out of your staff? Is the environment ready to let them express themselves?