cart abandonment

Is cart abandonment a common occurrence in your online store?

It happens in supermarkets, malls, and stalls, so it’s not surprising that cart abandonment frequently happens in online stores as well. Here are some tips to keep your customers from walking away without completing their purchase.

Give customers an actual shopping experience

Never forget that people want to enjoy their shopping experience. Many people love going to malls even when they are not actively looking to buy something. Why? Because the experience is fun. Online shopping should be no different.

The most successful online stores are constantly making improvements to their platforms and regularly checking that everything is clear and easily accessible.

At Cloudstaff, we believe in redefining the e-commerce shopping experience, and are committed to your store’s success. If your platform fails to meet your expectations, we have expert personnel on hand who can help you create a platform that your customers will love.  

You may wish to consider utilising our web developers who can build, maintain and customise your e-commerce site as well as our e-commerce app developers to extend your services.

We can also provide skilled marketers, content writers, video editors, and graphic designers to create, re-design or improve your store, your adverts, banners and other collateral.

Are your shoppers surprised with cost upon checkout?

Surveys reveal that most cart abandonments occur at checkout. Customers typically get surprised by shipping costs. To combat this, some stores offer discounted or free shipping on their next purchase, or special discount codes or coupons to create a better deal for customers.

To protect your online brand, you may also seek to outsource your e-commerce support services such as live chat operators. These are qualified sales and operational team members whose job is to help your customers in real time, providing them with all of the details and offers with no surprises. They keep your customers satisfied and help your business to be kept up to date with the questions and concerns that your customers have when visiting your store.     

Is your site healthy?

We have already mentioned that the ongoing development of your e-commerce platform is a critical factor for the success of online businesses. Equally as important though is performing regular thorough checks and reviews in order to spot defects and to ensure that issues are being fixed promptly. A beautiful, well laid out site is ultimately useless if bugs are preventing customers from being able to spend their money.

Cloudstaff can definitely help you out here. Our Software Quality Assurance team members can help you build and execute test plans to ensure that your platform keeps performing in optimum condition.

We have e-commerce solutions experts experienced in all of the standard e-commerce platforms. With a thorough understanding of the industry, they can also propose solutions to your business and ensure that defects are fixed.  

While cart abandonment can never be entirely be eradicated in your online store, these steps can go a long way in helping your customers click the ‘pay now’ button.  

Whatever struggles you’re having with your e-commerce business, Cloudstaff can provide e-commerce solution support team members who can boost your online business to increase sales.  

Please contact our sales team at to learn more.

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