Is social media management outsourcing right for your business?

If you are having trouble keeping your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts working for you, you should consider outsourcing your social media management. 

Social media can improve your reach and help you better connect with your customers. Building brand awareness is crucial and for this reason it’s important to choose the right channels and develop an effective and consistent message to make your brand stand out.

However, given the daily challenges of running your own business, it isn’t wise to spend all your time and energy in handling social media marketing. From doing research, developing a content strategy to creating content and posting, marketing your social media work is hard. These tasks require a huge investment in time to yield results.

Here are some key questions to ask yourself to help you decide if you should be outsourcing your social media management with a company like Cloudstaff.

  1. Are you available 24/7? 

Social media management is a time-consuming job and it’s not something you can attend to in your spare time. It takes you hours to come up with the channel strategies that will help you get the results you need. If your goal is to increase your social traffic, it’s best to ensure that someone is always keeping an eye on your social media platforms—ready to interact, communicate, and connect with your audience. You have to closely watch the numbers and the value of the audience—vanity metrics can cost you money and sales. 

  1. Can you produce engaging and unique content? 

Social media is both a science and an art. Every company follows different strategies and approaches to reach their target audience. This is where the art of content creation comes in. To keep your customers or followers engaged, the content you produce must be tailored to your customers’ needs or interests. If you find yourself lacking the ability and the time to produce creative content, social media management outsourcing would be the best option for your business. Having channels stagnate is worse than not having the channel at all—you always need to keep them fresh.

  1. Can you create a strong and consistent social media presence?  

Consistency is key when delivering your messaging, especially when it comes to social media marketing. Every post you make on your social media accounts can strengthen your brand, making it more memorable and recognizable among your intended audience. When you keep all your channels updated with new articles, videos, and images, it helps increase your customer engagement and extends your reach. Many companies consider outsourcing because they’re able to find more creative ways to promote their brand and stay ahead of the competition. 

  1. Do you have time to keep up to date with the latest trends?  

Managing your social media channels is much more than just updating posts. You need to study the market trends and learn the best ways to get the most value out of each social platform. This is exactly why many business owners choose to hire social media experts. A seasoned social media professional will have in-depth knowledge and can implement the best marketing strategies while you focus on your core competencies.

Looking for other outsourcing tips and strategies?

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