BBQ Party

It’s one good of a Friday!

Looking forward to Fridays is a usual idea, but recently the whole Cloudstaff family became more excited as another barbecue party was announced a few weeks back.

Cloudstaffers once again gathered at the Penthouse in eNtec 2 for the July barbecue party. It has been an awesome opportunity for everyone at Cloudstaff to peek into our newest office located at the level 12 in the same building as there were e-raffle scanning stations placed there. Our staff also grabbed the chance to take a look at our very own First Class Lounge, a recreational and relaxation area which is open for everyone who wanted to break out from long work shifts.

The party was filled with stunning moments starting with our talented hosts of the night—Marvin, DJ Charlie, and DJ Cool OT, followed by an entertaining dance number by the Indayog Dance Alliance. Exciting announcements and updates by our CEO, Lloyd Ernst, came afterwards and not to forget that the crowd yelled louder as the bidding took place, having a total of seven HP personal computers and two 32” televisions up for auction! There was a rush of bidders ready to shed thousands of Dream Points to get the items of their choice.

The Penthouse brimmed with amazement and admiration as the six finalists for Cloudstaff Superstar contest gave an all-out performance—from singing, to dancing, to playing the violin, to showcasing humorous acts. Definitely, the entertainment did not stop there as Cloudstaff’s very own Hazel Skin band rocked favourite hits that engaged the audience some more. As the announcement of winners came about, out of the six finalists, it was Dennis who bagged the title as the CS Superstar, followed by Reigel who took the second spot, and Niño who landed on the third place.

Moreover, the new face of the CS Radio, our corporate radio station, was released as well during the event. Get ready to experience non-stop entertainment and important advisories as you tune in to

In addition to having our barbecue party, we also celebrated the onboarding of the newest additions to the Cloudstaff family and we’re surely getting bigger this year. Cloudstaff parties are great venues to reward all our hard workers.

The past half year has already been amazing for all of us here at Cloudstaff, and we’re totally excited to bring you the second half!

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