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Miguel’s Cloudstaff Journey – A fruitful visit in Sydney, Australia

My Cloudstaff journey has been amazing and I would like to share it with all Cloudstaffers. I hope it will inspire them to work hard and believe that it will soon pay off.

My story:

I was hired at Cloudstaff as a Customer Support representative. Unfortunately, there were issues with my account and I was disengaged. I kept my enthusiasm and hoped that another opportunity would arise at Cloudstaff for I really love to be here.

My persistence paid off! Cloudstaff formed a group called Overnight Research Team (ORT). Yes, as the name implies, we worked the night shift – but still enjoyed our awesome perks! Our job in ORT was to do research for other teams and to provide useful information including sales leads.

While working with ORT, one by one, we got engaged to new clients. I was fortunate to get engaged with Genesis Financial Partners, which is a privately owned financial advisory firm in Sydney. The best part of my engagement was being able to visit our headquarters in Australia. So, while here in Sydney, I’ll enjoy every moment of it.

Your journey will take you in an incredible and unexpected direction.

Never give up, work hard and always stay positive.

Yours truly,

Miguel Manarang
Proud Cloudstaffer


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