CS US Tour - Modern Workforce

Cloudstaff tours the US to discuss Modern Workforce

Modern Workforce is a unique solution designed to help customers improve efficiency and increase output while reducing overall operating expenditure. Our Corporate team have been on the road this month, touring the US and spending time with new and existing clients to discuss the benefits of a Modern Workforce.

The team met with senior executives of global market leaders such as Oracle, Veeva Inc., Sophos, VirMedica & Aricent as well as the next generation such as SnoopWall, LinkSquares, Rocket Lawyer, Appdome, Dealsumm and Ginger.io.

The Modern Workforce has been met with great enthusiasm and the strategic benefits of partnering with Cloudstaff were quickly realised, as the true potential of the offering was demonstrated.

The Modern Workforce is built on the Cloudstaff Delivery Platform, which consists of: Cloudstaff Infrastructure layer, Cloudstaff Technology layer, Application Ecosystem, Processes and Procedures, Partners and Customers, and great people (affectionately known as Cloudstaffers).

The Cloudstaff platform and ecosystem are built on modern technologies (including machine learning) and are designed to deliver increased productivity, better communication, incredible scalability (in both size and capabilities) and complete transparency.

Modern Workforce is truly the next generation of outsourcing.

The best thing about a Modern Workforce is its incredible flexibility. We have made it amazingly easy to scale your team in both size and capabilities. No matter what your goals are, we can provide the team that will help you reach them.

With Cloudstaff, it does not matter if you want to add one or one hundred people to your team – we will take care of it. Your team will always be in one location (unless you have other requirements) and have a modern, fully-equipped workspace and amazing staff amenities.

You choose the people you want, the skills you need and workspace options that suit your business – we will take care of everything else. It really is that simple.

To find our more about Modern Workforce, click here.

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