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As a company grows, their workforce needs to grow with it.

The problem

A corporate health and fitness company works with several large clients throughout Australia to provide their client’s employees with a range of local health and fitness suppliers. With their currently accelerating rate of membership, the company sought to expand its workforce, albeit without drastically modifying existing systems to accommodate the incoming team.

During this period of growth, a major indicator of a company’s performance is in the rate where they can acquire the necessary manpower to fulfill their client’s demands and needs.

The company wanted to expand their team, but they found the rising costs of expansion to be too steep. Besides costs of expansion, they’d have to factor in the time spent sourcing for talent, interviews, trainings, and many other human resource tasks. During this high-stress period the client would lose productivity as valuable members of their team would focus on getting the new trainees up-to-speed with the Company’s services and procedures.


After going through several outsourcing companies, the company eventually found the means to grow their company, Cloudstaff.

Cloudstaff provided the company with a skilled workforce complete with their own workspaces, and it was all matter of training and deployment. Now the company’s Cloudstaff team is an integral part of their workforce and they couldn’t be happier.


A Cloudstaff Account Manager was assigned to the company. They took time to fully understand the company’s goals and the culture.

Cloudstaff Recruiting found staff that met their requirements in both skills and cultural fit. After meeting the prospective staff, the company decided to engage them and set a start date.

Cloudstaff Office Support configured their PCs and setup their staff’s workspaces to the company’s exact specifications.

Cloudstaff Networking Support met with the company’s local IT department and worked with them to integrate the offices and load test the solution.

The Cloudstaff Account Manager worked closely with the company, Recruiting and Office Support services to ensure that all requirements were met and the work environment was ready on time.

The client trained the staff remotely using video conferencing and Skype and ramped up operations over five weeks.


The Cloudstaff solution has allowed the company to successfully increase productivity and overall quality while maintaining their local office footprint and reducing their running costs relative to growth.

Their remote team has become an integral part of their company and they have even created a staff exchange program so key staff can spend time at their head office.

They were also able to increase the density of their executive services in their limited local office space.


The company was quickly able to see first-hand the advantages and benefits in terms of cost savings and time management.

The additional resources allowed them to introduce a checking mechanism to minimise errors, particularly in complex sheets.

The Cloudstaff team leads were able to reduce the management required by their local team.

They were able to scale their remote workforce easily and their Cloudstaff team were able to offer support and training to new hires.

Their senior managers and key staff had more time to focus on high-value tasks.

They found they could easily add tasks to their team’s service objectives with minimal impact on resources.

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