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Cloudstaff Hospitality & Tourism Outsourcing

Your guests don’t just arrive with suitcases and smart phones for selfies, they arrive with high expectations. Outsourcing sets you free from the repetitive, back-office tasks so you can focus on providing exceptional service and delivering the ultimate customer experience.

From digital marketing teams who attract new guests, to staff trained in bookings, payments, & follow ups, Cloludstaff provides affordable, highly trained staff who can extend your market reach and significantly reduce expenditure.

Cloudstaffing is the smarter and most cost effective way to strengthen your operations and grow your business. Stay ahead of the competition and ensure that you have access to the right staff no matter what roles you require.

Core Capabilities

  • 24/7 bookings & reservations
  • Customer support
  • Live chat operators
  • Travel consultants
  • Administration
  • Payment processors
  • Accountants/Bookkeepers
  • Chinese & Japanese language support
  • Content/review moderators
  • Digital marketing
  • Graphic Designers
  • Multimedia specialists
  • Software developers & QA
Find out how outsourcing Hospitality and Tourism can help your business.