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Live chat support

Your website runs 24/7 but does your customer support?

If you’re not there to answer questions and help your customers, you risk them leaving.

Live chat operators can offer your customers the support that they need.

They help your business by answering questions, resolving problems, and assisting with sales, bookings, and lead collection.

Cloudstaff Website Agents

Cloudstaff can provide you with a highly skilled web chat team who can perform 24/7 web chat services for your website.

When people visit your website and chat with your team, your chat agents answer all questions with information provided to them by you and collect the contact information of your customers and leads.

You will also receive an instant notification each time your web chat assistant engages with a site visitor.

Choose between using our shared services team or building your own team of dedicated web chat support operators

Do you want to build your own web chat team?

Cloudstaff Website Agents

Real People Not Bots

We engage your audience with real people, not bots. We can tell when they are frustrated or anxious and can adjust the conversation to meet their needs.

Available 24/7

We staff your live website chat 24 hours a day so that your staff don’t have to. Your onshore staff can focus on tasks that drive your business growth.

Convert Leads

Real conversations with real people will help to convert your prospects to leads and your leads to customers.

Superior Services

Offer a superior user experience by answering your website queries now, when it matters to your prospects and customers.

Every client with a website can benefit from Cloudstaff Website Chat Agents

Great for eCommerce sites

We can assist your buyers with their purchasing enquiries

Great for product trials

We can help to qualify your leads in real time and help convert the people trialling your products into full-paying clients.

Great for advertising campaigns

If you are running SEO or SEM campaigns that directs traffic to your landing pages, we help by improving your advertising return on investment

Great for sites offering technical assistance

Our agents can perform basic level one diagnosis. They can log escalation tickets and kick off the customer care processes for your team.