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Cloudstaff Team-ready is the fastest way to extend the capabilities you offer.

The problem

An Australian fabrication company wanted to reduce the costs and time it took to produce their instructional videos and marketing materials. They had tried a number of creative studios, but were unable to find one that could meet the budget and delivery requirements.

They decided to hire a resource to perform the wide range of tasks involved in the production process, but they could not find the right person. While the candidates they interviewed had many skills they wanted, none fulfilled their broad requirements.

The company needed to find a way to cost-effectively produce promotional media in the tight timeframes set by product managers.

The company investigated a number of options that might help them solve the problem.

Hiring a new agency
A new agency would easily be able to complete the work, but because they were not a dedicated resource, they could not guarantee delivery and the costs were unpredictable.

Hiring internally
Hiring an in-house creative was their preferred solution. It would enable them to meet their tight deadlines and reduce costs. Unfortunately, on their current budget, they were unable to find a person with the right set of skills.

Hiring an offshore team
An offshore team had the potential to solve all their problems. For the cost of one local staff member, they would be able to hire a small team of specialised staff dedicated to their projects. The company was a little apprehensive about outsourcing. Their primary concerns were communication, cultural issues and general infrastructure.

The solution

After investigating their options thoroughly, including numerous meetings and a site visit to the Philippines, they decided to engage Cloudstaff as their global outsourcing partner.

Cloudstaff was able to create a tailored solution for the company that included 4 dedicated, full-time staff that met their stringent requirements. While the entire team was skilled in general creative functions, each one specialised in one of the core aspects of the delivery requirements (video and motion graphics, copy writing, illustration and animation, marketing). The Cloudstaff solution was flexible, incredibly scalable and fit their budget.

By providing the right staff, up-to-date hardware and software, a modern fully-equipped office and Cloudstaff’s suite of custom tools and services (designed and built specifically for outsourcing) Cloudstaff was able to deliver a successful solution that exceeded the company’s expectations.

The delivery

A Cloudstaff Account Manager was assigned to the company. They spent the time to fully understand the company’s goals and designed a flexible and incredibly scalable solution that met their needs and their budget.

Cloudstaff Recruiting found a number of candidates that met the company’s criteria and organised interviews with their product management and human resource teams. Once the company selected their staff, Cloudstaff Office Support configured their PCs and setup their staff’s workspaces to the company’s exact specifications. Because of the sensitive nature of their products, the company requested workplace customisations that included additional security, frosted glass (for privacy) and device restrictions.

The Cloudstaff Account Manager worked closely with Recruiting and Office Support services to ensure that all requirements were met and the work environment was ready on time.

The client decided to visit their new staff to meet them in person and to welcome them to the company. They spent two weeks training their team and learning the systems. The team quickly became a part of the company and was fully productive in just weeks.

The outcome

The Cloudstaff solution has allowed the company to develop high-quality promotional materials at a fraction of the cost of using an agency.

Because they now had a highly-skilled, dedicated creative team, they were able to meet their tight deadlines and increase both the quality and volume of their output.

As a result of the seamless integration of the local and remote teams, the company was able to reach new levels of efficiency when producing creative work due to better communication, accessibility  and overall context.

Additional benefits

The additional resources allowed them to increase the output and do projects that they could not afford to do previously.

They were able to scale their remote workforce easily and their Cloudstaff team were able to offer support and training to new hires.

They found they could easily add tasks to their team’s service objectives with minimal impact on resources.

They were able to take full advantage of the flexible, scalable solution and easily grow their team as they added capabilities.

They could see the potential of multi-departmental teams and had started looking to add new members to support local staff in other departments.

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