Andrew Herbert – 5 Degrees Property

5 Degrees Property came to Cloudstaff looking to cut costs, but soon discovered that Cloudstaffing provided them with so much more.

Tyler Jones – One Inc

By outsourcing with Cloudstaff, One Inc has been able to find better talent, deliver results at a faster rate, and achieve greater value for their investors.

Tim Gavin – Klein Hall CPAs

“The experience has been phenomenal, and the quality of the candidates has been outstanding”. Meet Klein Hall CPA’s Cloudstaff team and learn how they deliver results.

Hasan Dzonlagic – Flick Anticimex

Hasan’s company, Flick Anticimex, has been around for over a hundred years. Learn how Cloudstaff has been helping them to streamline their system a little bit better.

Gillian Frost – McGrath Central Coast

Gillian, Business and HR Manager at McGrath Central Coast revealed that they have tried to look into outsourcing a few years back with another provider. Listen to what she has to say about working with Cloudstaff.

Leah Calnan – Metro Property Management

Having an extremely busy office motivated Leah Calnan, Director of Metro Property Management, to find ways to improve efficiency. Discover how they were able to transform their processes with Cloudstaff.

Michael Xia – Mortgage Channel

For Mortgage Channel, finding an outsourcing partner that really looks after staff members was a priority. When founder Michael Xia came to Cloudstaff, all expectations were exceeded.

Taku Ekanayake – Kin Financial

Starting a new business is never easy, but as mortgage broker Taku Ekanayake explains, outsourcing with Cloudstaff is the smarter way to grow and scale.

Jocelyn Ma – Roubler

Roubler are a global business providing cloud based HR services. Discover how they have grown and expanded their business with Cloudstaff.