Outsource just about any task you need, except these 5 things

Everything seems to be easily outsourced today. A lot of companies distribute tedious tasks offshore to save both time and money. Still, there are certain aspects of the company that are best handled by your local team.

Outsourcing, when done right can solve a multitude of problems for businesses but it does have its limits. 

Tasks that are boring and repetitive are the ones that you should certainly hand over to your offshore team. These are the things that stop your business from moving forward. If you can document the processes, then you can easily train someone else who’s better or more cost-effective at performing a specific role.

However, if a function directly impacts your objectives and cannot be put into writing, then it’s best to manage it internally. Some areas of the business strictly require your personalization. They are the ones that define your business.

Five things that should be done in-house

1. Core competency

What are the things you do best? What is your business’ edge over your competitors? Whatever your answers are, they should be handled by your onshore team because these are the things that make your business what it is. For instance, for a real estate company, you can outsource the administrative tasks but your local managers should handle the networking and buying and selling of properties.  

2. Corporate culture

You cannot force your staff to embrace a business culture. People influence the way your work environment feels. If you don’t create a great corporate culture right at the beginning, outsourcing won’t help you do the trick. But if you work on building a good culture, you can easily attract great staff both locally and internationally who will want to stay with you.

3. Staff development and retention

The responsibility of keeping your staff engaged, challenged and aiming for career advancement is yours. You can’t rely on your outsourcing provider to do that task for you. Although they can assist in training your people, you’re the one who knows and understands their skills better. Set up pathways and give them opportunities to develop their careers. In the end, your company will benefit from the work that they contribute.

4. Higher Level Management

Do you need people to make crucial decisions for your company? Then look within your organisation. They are the ones who really know what’s best for your business. Their commitment and competency will be the driving force of decision-making. Service providers can help in managing your offshore team, and senior outsourced staff can autonomously manage regular operational matters, but for decisions that affect the direction of the company, they are best left for your in-house managers.  

5. Employee termination

There’s no better way to deliver good or bad news to your staff than to do it personally. Outsourcing HR roles is common, but when letting employees go, having outsourced staff deliver the bad news is a recipe for negative workplace culture. You can ask for advice or seek counsel but termination is something that your internal staff should be doing. Also, take the time to personally thank your staff for their contributions to your company.

How Cloudstaff can help

Cloudstaff is the trusted outsourcing partner of many businesses across the globe. We have helped our clients focus on their core competencies and other functions so they can grow faster. 

Our reliable specialists are here to help you set up your outsourcing operations, every step of the way. We’ll provide you with professional staff who can do the time-consuming tasks that stop you from reaching your goals. They can complement your existing workforce or extend your company’s capabilities.

Get the results you want. We can help you outsource your repetitive tasks to focus on the important things in-house. Just send us a message at info@cloudstaff.com

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