As covid-19 continues to spread throughout the United States and the rest of the world, the most effective way to prevent further transmission of the virus is contact tracing. 

At Cloudstaff, we are assisting overloaded public health frontliners by providing professional phone and email-based contact tracing support services.

Our HIPAA compliant phone agents are able to perform a wide range of COVID-19 support services including:

  • Notify exposed contacts (phone and email)
  • Conduct tracing surveys
  • Provide information and guidance about testing locations and protocols.
  • Real-time live chat support 
  • Contact point for patients with confirmed cases
  • Education and guidance around social distancing, and infection control best practices

Who we help

Cloudstaff’s Contact Tracing Service works with all levels of state and local government departments to ease the burden of data collection, contact notifications and information requests.  

Our services are also available to NGOs and private enterprises. 

Safety, Sensitivity, and Data Integrity

Cloudstaff is HIPAA compliant and operates under a stringent data security framework to ensure patient confidentiality and the security of records and other sensitive information. 

Our staff are trained to be discreet, respectful and sensitive when contacting patients, contacts and the general public. They work exclusively for your organization under your guidelines and requirements.

The affordable solution

Cloudstaff’s world-class operation centers are located in the Philippines where the lower cost of living means top-level professional services can be provided at approximately 60-70% of the cost seen in most developed Western economies.

As a former US colony and protectorate, the Philippines is regarded as the English center of Asia, with a population well versed in American culture and business practices.

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