Cloudstaff Enterprise is designed for corporate and government customers. It delivers the highest levels of security, real-time monitoring and business continuity planning to ensure maximum uptime and data protection.

Enterprise solutions are built on a case-by-case basis to cater to teams of any size and provide purpose-built workspaces, networks, and service features. 

Private customized workspaces

Cloudstaff builds fully featured private workspaces including first class business suites, building sections, and even whole floors constructed to your specifications upon negotiation. 

Business continuity guaranteed

No matter the conditions, Cloudstaff provides 100% infrastructure redundancy, together with detailed business continuity planning for guaranteed uptime. 

All of our  facilities are equipped with N+1 environmental systems, redundant power and backup high-speed internet connections. In the unlikely case of a total power or connectivity failure, we have processes in place to quickly relocate your team to our network of outsourcing centers across the Philippines or to a work-from-home setting.  

Enterprise-Grade data security 

Cloudstaff takes security very seriously for all customers and provides high-level physical and data security measures as standard, but for corporate clients with high-level requirements, we have a wide range of advanced options available.

Cloudstaff is PCI-DSS certified for secure payment card transactions, HIPPA compliant for processing patient medical records, and regularly work with sensitive government and corporate information.   

From private security suite guards to metal detectors, network segmentation, and real-time remote monitoring, Cloudstaff works with you to implement any security measures that you need to operate safely.