Administration tasks can consume large amounts of your key staff’s time, preventing them from focusing on their core duties.

The problem

A construction company in Brisbane found that a large percentage of their staff’s valuable time was being spent doing administration tasks. While these tasks are important to the company, they reduced the amount of time these employees could spend performing the specialized functions that they were employed to do. This increased both the workforce cost and delivery timeframes.

The company needed to reduce the cost of administration tasks and increase the productivity of their key staff.

The company identified the need to find more cost-effective resources to perform the administration tasks and was considering both local staff and outsourcing solutions.

Local staff
Initially, this seemed like a logical choice, but it did raise some concerns. Employing local staff was very expensive and there were issues with providing them with an appropriate workspace.

Remote staff could save up to 80% in wages, but they were concerned about the language barrier and physical location.


After speaking to an acquaintance (a Cloudstaff customer), the company decided to try outsourcing for themselves.

Cloudstaff provided a solution for the company that included 3 administration staff and 1 team lead (who also provided support services). The solution included VoIP integration to the company’s PABX and suite video conferencing to integrate the local and remote staff. In addition, Cloudstaff worked with the company’s local technical support team to provide their specific networking requirements, including high-speed connectivity, secure VPN and access to their local servers via RDP. 

By providing the right staff, up-to-date hardware and software, a modern fully equipped office and Cloudstaff’s suite of custom tools and services (designed and built specifically for outsourcing) Cloudstaff was able to deliver a successful solution that exceeded the customer’s expectations.


A Cloudstaff Account Manager was assigned to the company. They took time to fully understand the company’s goals and culture.

Cloudstaff Recruiting found staff that met their requirements in both skills and cultural fit. After meeting the prospective staff, the company decided to engage them and set a start date.

Cloudstaff Office Support configured their PCs and setup their staff’s workspaces to the company’s exact specifications.

Cloudstaff Networking Support met with the company’s local IT department and worked with them to integrate the offices and load tested the solution.

The Cloudstaff Account Manager worked closely with the company, Recruiting and Office Support services to ensure that all requirements were met and the work environment was ready on time.

The client trained the staff remotely using video conferencing and Skype and ramped up operations over five weeks.


The Cloudstaff solution helped the company reach their goals by allowing them to free up a large percentage of their key staff’s time.

Increase productivity
The company’s staff was able to assign many time-consuming tasks to their remote support team. This freed up a large percentage of their time and increased productivity. As a result, they were able to generate increased revenue.

Reduce costs
The company’s administrative tasks were now costing them 70% less.

Additional benefits

The company was quickly able to see the advantages and benefits in terms of cost savings and time management.

The quality of their remote team allowed them to increase their responsibilities, further increasing productivity.

They were able to scale their remote workforce easily and their Cloudstaff team were able to offer support and training to new hires.

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